Wednesday, March 2, 2016

This is some damn good cough medicine.

32 years, doing the freeform shuffle, riding its rails and eatin' beans from a can. My anniversary show was rife with hammering metal and snotty punk rock—and of course, a few engineering flubs, and my usual, "hey, we're just talking" microphone breaks—I gotta be me, and what's old is new again.

Seriously, thanks for all the congratulations, well wishes and kind remarks. I was just putting it out there, as this happened to be the year that I was reminded/remembered. I remember anniversaries like dogs remember why you're scolding them.

It's a black metal hidden ace to break out a song from Walknut's Graveforests and Their Shadows; the few times I've played the album on air, it never fails to get a reaction, and similar to the Weakling album, I've never met a black metal fan that does not revere the Russian band's one, magnificent blast, from 2007.

Also great to revisit the Twist Ending 2014 demo, Musica di Morte, that one being a constant in the pile of tapes next to my bed....

Going to keep this one short. Lots of things to think about, and prep to do, for our next two weeks of fundraising, for WFMU's 2016 Marathon. ...Will have some attractive, Castle-appropriate giveaways, a new premium CDr compilation (see last week's post, below) and two formidable & friendly co-hosts.

I hope that if you enjoy what we do every week on My Castle of Quiet, you're a part of our "dark army," that you'll tune in and donate/pledge what you can. Tune in regardless, because it's always a party; quite seriously the most-listenable, enjoyable, public-broadcasting fundraiser I'm aware of.

Click on the framed spatter above, from Der Todesking, to stream last night's full horrocast™, and view the playlist and comments.