Tuesday, March 15, 2016


"No, the cocks are mine. The cocaine isn't." If I had ten dollars for every time I said that, sitting handcuffed in the lightly falling snow, WFMU wouldn't NEED to hold a marathon. But as it stands, yeah, we still do, and tonight is your last chance to donate in real time to support My Castle of Quiet and in all honesty that's the easiest way. Our show starts @ 9 PM PT, 12 AM ET, and across a spectrum of early-morning hours in Europe. If you want to be a part of our prize drawings (which tonight feature treats from Wet Ones, Killing Joke (see YT embed below), a One Master t-shirt & LP set, a Throaat CD, two different Midwich LP releases, a Baked Tapes 3-pk, and the great Nudity LP on Iron Lung), and have a pledge of $75 or more score you a copy of our annual exclusive CDr comp, Anthems (Classic video-game music & Misty Metal), the best way is to just party with us in the moment (even if you can only do so @ 12:05 a.m. and then go to bed) when all pledges made to WFMU at large during those hours will default to our show. No pluses will need be clicked, no new interfaces need be navigated.

NOW THAT SAID, you can donate the station at large any old time between now and our big wrap party Sunday night, by just clicking on Julian above, our featured clean-piss salesman. If you simply can't donate in real time, usually hear the show in archives, gotta get your ass up early to go to work, or are in a bar getting your face off—much respect—you can still show Castlehead love by just doing the little two-step dance pictured below; which is to say a) make sure you've chosen My Castle of Quiet from the drop down menu at the main pledge page, as well as b) CLICKED THE PLUS SIGN to the right of the menu, and BAM! your pledge goes right into The Castle's tin cup. We shake it, thank you on the air, offer you a pencil, and if that happens before or during midnight to 3 a.m. ET tonight, toss you onto the body pile for tonight's prize drawings.

My Castle of Quiet may not be the most cash-register-exploding show on WFMU, but there's a real camaraderie, tribe-thing happening between the show and our listeners, the bands we play and the labels we support; I meet these folks in person, at shows, and online, and your gratitude and dedication to the weekly broadcast is my great humbling. So please, think about tossing us some coin for tonight's festivities, for which I'm grateful to share the mic with fellow WFMU veteran Pseu Braun.

Beneficent splatter is guaranteed for all!

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