Friday, September 8, 2017

I fucking love this show!

Well, time for Donald Fagen and Irmin Schmidt to form a band—while they still "can!" ...The most "in" and "out" of 70s rock music, colliding in a studio—how could that NOT get everyone queuing up hours in advance??

Autumn rebirth, it's here; the air is lighter, with cool snap to every breath and breeze. All things seem doable, possible. Just look at Carol Kane, above—is she not in perpetual "harvest mode"?

Favorites this week from: Reverorum Ib Malacht | Embryo | Paul Chain Violet Theatre | Funeral Harvest | Hell | One Master | Altar of Scum | Centuries of Decay | Cloud Rat | Grin and Bear It | Doomsday Student | Sissy Spacek | Sida | Wound ... I personally also quite enjoyed our last set of swath from M.B. | Birgé Gorgé | Karheinz Stockhausen ...not to at all neglect the dazzling monolith that is Black Sabbath's "The Writ," in our first set.

Our live music schedule shifted some ...with Sire canceling / postponing, and a door opening that very same day to a live collab set from Rodger Stella and Sean Ragon, on our October 3-4 program- with Pulcinella still scheduled for the following week, 10/10-11.

Click on Cissy above, this week's mad goddess, to reach the accuplaylist, streaming audio, and listener comments for this week's horrorcast™.

More soon from this pile of leaves.

Friday, September 1, 2017

New Blockaders, I'm happy! ...God bless the Noise Bliss-Out.

And that's the idea—bliss. Large-sized, fat slabs of noise, to wrap and soothe your head like a sonic turban. No. 7 this week, and they will keep coming, as My Castle of Quiet continues on its bloody rampage into WFMU's new schedule...

On that topic, expect a live, in-studio set from Pulcinella (10/10-11), with more to come.

Lots of favorites this week again, including Testicle Hazard | new Chris Pottinger | The New Blockaders & Creation Through Destruction | Leslie Keffer & Rodger Stella | Inappropriate King Live | Richard Ramirez | Sissy Spacek | and Swollen Organs, from the great new Psychotropes v/a cassette.

Lots more to explore therein as well, and your can hear it all via WFMU by clicking on the charmingly mad Alice Morgan above.

Autumn seems to have arrived in the Northeast; I can leave the house, or spend the day blissed-out with the windows open. Berger out, until next week.