Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mom's listening.

Much as 2016 is shaping up to be, 2010-2011 was a great year for kvlt black metal, and as part of last night's extra-blackened horrorcast™, we took many great side-trips into that year, with selections from Fidei Defensor, Disakrin, Blackest Woods [for a very brief time, Ormeyngel was the "Youth Attack of Oslo," -now, some of their releases are available as FREE downloads on bandcamp], City Bones and Forgotten Spell. ...

Unquestionably, the stars of our program were our live guests Worthless, who, as a relatively young band, already are quite accomplished—with great songs, deftly arranged, and executed in a raw, aggressive, gracefully shrieking manner—it occurred to me that Worthless' first cassette demo [recorded at My Castle of Quiet engineer Jean Paul's studio, The Ossuary Recordings] could easily and worthily see a vinyl issue on Gilead Media or Broken Limbs.... Thanks again to the band for rendering a fantastic set, our first live show of the new WFMU season.

Also praiseworthy on our playlist were very-new releases by M. Del Rio | Istidraj [this release quickly becoming one of my favorites of the year] | Ramlord | Moros | The Gospel Truth | Caveman Cult ...

...and closing out or last half-hour, one of the finest noise-cassette-one-piece-on-each-side releases in a long while, and definitely one of my personal favorites of 2016, Vasculae's Head Against Wall.

Our screen capture this week comes from Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Gods of the Plague; click on its gathered mourners to reach this week's playlist, streaming audio, album artwork, listener comments, etc. Next week's show is destined to be more noise-focused, if only for the grace of a glut of material as yet unaired...we'll see, perhaps a Noise Bliss-Out is in order. ...

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

hey dude, your fckin cd's stuck. nudge it will ya?

The Castle air has perhaps never been clearer the old spirits linger, in eagerness of receiving a new soul its arid, stone hallways more charged than ever with expectancy. ...and as the Northeast US crackles open, back to life with actual breezes blowing, rustling the dirt, so too are myself and the My Castle of Quiet program reborn—alive, fresh, brushing off the corpse dust—HELL, even having the jacket drycleaned. Only the future awaits.

We had the usual good time last night; worthy of comment were an "alt. take" of The Rolling Stones' "Sway" from which we also borrowed our show title | a track by metal mathemagicians Spiral Architect | and mostly WORTHLESS, our live guests next week on WFMU/MCoQ, with the title song from their premiere full-length ...

Also GREAT were new Actuary [from a split LP with Deathstench] | Reissued Japan-psych-noise from Up-Tight | Burzum-style electronics from Wende | more new OPPONENTS | Istidraj | more Negromancy | Forgotten Spell | Funeral Art | Bleak | Salvation | 0N0 ...


Back next week with the beefy, cobwebbed LIVE sounds of Worthless:

Click on our lovely space girl (from Paolo Sorrentino's Youth) to reach the accuplaylist, audio stream, and listener comments for last night's horrorcast™

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Remind me never to cross you.

As Nelson Muntz has said, "these are the grapes, and this is the WRATH."
... The halfwits who live in the catacombs under the Castle were rattling their chains so loudly last night, Phyllis Schlafly could hear them down in the 9th circle of hell...and she was truly tormented. When I please them, I know that I have done truly well; they break from long hours of fingering the rough texture of their greenish skin, and pulling on their matted hair (turned white with the absence of any pigment), and just generally fucking like there's no tomorrow...which is, in fact, all they have—a thousand-and-one tomorrows—when THEY acknowledge that something GOOD is happening upstairs, it must very surely be.

Every song, every selection was an "arrival"—which is always my intent, though I most often pick apart program archives as a merciless critic (rest assured I am proud, yet I share a room with humility and gratitude) ... Maybe I need to get pissed off more often by haggard-before-their-time, NJ cigarette cows, livin' in "da heights," and calling the studio phone with their drunken ramblings about nothing I care about. Perhaps that utterly wretched cunt improved my performance! I made a mountain out of an albeit-festering molehill, and it turns out she was helping me? This all goes to show that sobriety and anger are potent creative forces, because apart from having the usual good time, I can actually quite recommend last night's horrorcast™ as, you know, something to listen to, all without feeling unduly stuck up.

Highlights: Kallathon from the monumental 2015 Black Twilight Circle collection Desert Dances & Serpent Sermons | Vaarheere from their one-off rip-roaring cocainacopia tape | the amazing SIRE, wild black metal from Providence (fronted by splatter goddess ex-Tinsel Teeth monster  artist/sex bomb Gyna Bootleg) | Esoteric, raw black from the Negromancy label artists | outstanding new work from Opponents | Kleistwahr | excerpts from a great blacknoise concept work by Enbilulugugal | more from Street Sects | Christian Death reissue | THAT GREAT KIRBY MUSIC! | Rectal Hygienics | new works from Avarus | ...and Aethenor

That about covers it.
In two weeks: Great, contemporary, locally grown black metal LIVE with WORTHLESS!

For our screen capture, we returned again to the contemporary classic The VVitch; click there to reach the streaming audio, playlist, and listener comments for this week's My Castle of Quiet.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

...Good ol' one-neck-having Rome. ...That's one more neck than the No-Neck Blues Band.

Life lessons? Sometimes life is the one that needs to be taught a lesson. Arguably not a two-way street, though. So what do we do? We talk of politics, sex, and poo. Jonathan Herweg v. The State!

Caligula cared not for The State, at least not the movie Caligula. The "irl" Caligula perhaps a bit more. With nothing to defy or question or rebel against, we would quickly and simply turn to ash, so THANK your enemies, for keeping YOU attentive, and strong. Ok...maybe don't thank them, but at least know that conflict can serve a purpose.

But "purpose" itself, unchecked, can lead to ...well, Caligula's Rome. Too easily, one can go from "slothful orgy participant" to "traitor"—buried up to your neck, pelted by rotten apples, and awaiting a fate even worse. Rotten apples = food for thought, albeit too late.

We won't see Jonathan on the weekly schedule this time around, unfortunately, but I trust that he will remain one of WFMU's most-called-upon fill-in programmers, and continue to be our most entertaining weekly itinerant, as he has been all summer. You'll be hearing more of our banter on Castles to come. You can always check out Jonathan's Blurred and Obscured radio archives, and I recommend that you do.

A dazzling opening selection from Theologian pricked up some ears; we heard Led Zeppelin's "The Rover," so that happened (I opened a show not so terribly long ago with "Achilles Last Stand," perhaps my all-timer); a signature song by Rectal Hygienics pounded us, with visceral, hate filled visions...goddamn, that was some heavy listening that I didn't fully expect; we rounded out the 3-hour horrorcast™ with longer, improvised pieces by The Gate (new LIVE! cassette) and Skullflower's "La Noche De Walpurgis," a live cassette recording from 2011.

Coming Sept. 20, live music returns to My Castle of Quiet with Worthless—a powerful and creative (and locally grown) black metal outfit—a stirring start to our glorious autumn!

To stream the archived audio, view the playlist and listener comments for this week's horrorcast, please click on the great Malcolm McDowell above, as that most-debauched of Emperors.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I kinda like the combination of werewolf howls and grammatical discussions.

Keith Moon we lose tragically young, at 32...and we get 38 *more* years of the "geezer" Daltrey, and "I Am a Woman" Pete Townshend (remember that? It really happened, in 1990; Townshend declared himself to be woman, as I recall there was even a press conference; though many have now forgotten this odd tidbit of Who history.) the time, a female colleague @ WFMU, who shall remain unnamed, said, "just because he's taken it up the ass a few times, doesn't mean he knows anything about being a woman.")

We always get the shit tradeoff; we lose MLK, both Kennedys...yet they manage to save Reagan in the operating theatre. Just saying. Can the proles have our day yet? Fuck sake.

On to last night's horrorcast™, there was a lot to like apparently for the 'heads; my mini-happy birthday to Moonie opening bloc was followed by something from Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism by Immortal, to my ears a regular go-to of the Norwegian giants' catalog:

Also currying favor were several selections of chaotic, lo-fi "black-a-billy" from Negromancy ...

The Cabbageheads | Finished | The Bear Faced Boy | Misery Ritual | Dip Apple ... we also heard more from the new Jucifer | a great 2015 tape-title selection from Lea Bertucci
[Lea live on My Castle of Quiet, Oct. 2012] ...

Our still this week comes from The Forest (1982), yet another chunk of American cinematic low culture—from virtually the golden age for such things—and probably worth a look if you fancy a camper/slasher tale with a prevailing "supernatural baloney" centerpiece.

Click on the image up top to reach the streaming audio, accuplaylist and listener remarks for last night's My Castle of Quiet.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

this is the shit, from my perspective.

My Mac is at a crawl, either protesting the climate, its own planned obsolescence via Apple (2009, so ANCIENT), or it *could be* the dramatic volume of music and movies stored locally (yeah, yeah, "get a backup drive" ... I have one & it's FULL.) So, must try to keep this internal review short.

We kicked off last night's horrorcast™ with a project I've been following with enthusiasm, Funeral Art, from Guatemala, who put forth a very unique blend of neoclassical, dark ambient, and raw black metal elements. This track is an MCoQ exclusive, slated for 2017 release. ...Our first set, aka "the shit," aka Music For a Sweating, plodded forth with tracks by Evoken, Aun, Eyehategod, classic Pain Teens, and yes, Candlemass. (I'm preparing you all for that night when I play Heart's "Mistral Wind," and no one is surprised.)

Other highlights included a track from the queasy, arcane blackmetal noise-mess of Chernobog | a 2010 favored chestnut from The Communion | dynamite new sounds from Finished (rising from the ashes of Tinsel Teeth, with Gyna Bootleg on vocals—can't hardly wait for a personal copy of the Load LP, avail. for pre-order) | an older song by Ramlord (a new split LP, also a pre-order, from Broken Limbs) | new Black Panties 12" on Lumpy | new, improvised post-Kraut electronics from Brooklyn's Mind Machine | hard head noise from NJ's Lead Sprinkler

There was a lot more ... click up top, on that final, exhausted scene from Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room, to reach the playlist, streaming audio, record art, and listener comments for last night's My Castle of Quiet program. As always, thanks for taking the ride with me.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

*chirp chirp chirp chirp*

"Write what you know." ...and that's what I'll be trying to do, reading what I know—horror film that is, its "dont's," its preposterous clichés, praising the praiseworthy and fighting the good fight against impervious poltergeists, among other asides—my virgin voyage aboard WFMU's Literary Guild Meetup events, with readings by a delightful assortment of my colleagues as well. All happens tomorrow night @ 7 p.m., at KGB Bar & Lit Mag, 85 E 4th St., NYC; more info below.

As to our horrorcast™ this week, I'll be keeping it brief, that said, songs by Alraune | Cirrhus | Moloch stirred the faithful. I quite liked our excursions into ritual dark ambient whatever, with longer selections by Ateh Gibor Le'olam Shaitan, and Mortiis

Our screen capture this week comes from Mickey Keating's Darling, a visually engaging modern meditation on Roman Polanski's Repulsion, with a star-qual. performance by the lovely Lauren Ashley Carter (seen above.) Click there to reach the archived audio, playlist, and listener comments for this week's My Castle of Quiet program.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I'm screaming

"You're goin' drip drip drip on mah radio, AM radio, PM radio ..."

As we move through the summer, the stagnancy of same lifting and then returning, life goes on oblivious, the wheels turn and the gears churn, hope blinks at us from the horizon. The dog gets walked. The broken gets repaired. I ease into the uniform of track pants and band t-shirts, saving those buttoned-down patterns for days when I might "see people."

Tons o' fun last night, employed my tried-and-true "start off hard, get black, then get noisy" formulae; listeners were dazzled by selections from Vile Gash | Sunrot ("Trigger Warning," a ferocious ass-kick of a song; fingers crossed, Sunrot joins us live later this summer) | Exhaustion | True Love ... a few more personal highlights; Fugazi's First Demo | Absolute Power | the Green Room original motion picture soundtrack (we heard songs from Midnight, Battletorn, and Brooke & Will Blair) | The Communion | Mauler | The Spitters (Legendary NYC Stooges-Jesus Lizard-Birthday Party-style teetotalers, fronted by the late Mark Ashwill, a founding member of Missing Foundation) | Tzantza | Haxen | Beackon | Crowhurst | Triac | Sonic Poison | Verminaard | selections by Leah P & Circuit Wound from Stray Dog II | ruiner. | Lead Sprinkler—those last two both have a fine selection of harsh-noise digital album work available online & worth your time...

Lastly, our friends One Master are finishing up their tour with Bog of the Infidel this Saturday night @ Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn; see that link^ for show locations and times between now and then; they are playing a different city every night...

Our screen capture this week returns us to the recent, well-crafted horror-comedy Ava's Possessions; click up top to stream the audio archive, peep the playlist, and read listener comments for last night's horrorcast™.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Yessss! It makes me vomit too!

A lot can happen in a bloody fortnight. I come back to you somewhat transformed, from a grouping of events that run the spectrum from "that really fucking sucks" to "life-changingly, unexpectedly amazing." I jawed enough about stuff & things last night; better y'all just listen to the archive, than that I start dipping my toe into repeating color commentary logged in a spirited fashion during our broadcast. ...

Coming back after a week's absence from the air is like "shooting Castles in a barrel" for me; I get easily and compulsively overloaded with ideas of music to play, set construction, etc. I've had compulsions far worse, to be sure! The constant flow of great new music makes it very easy as well. I'm really about 2016, what's happening RIGHT NOW, rather than opting to wallow in familiarity and nostalgia; what's been there will always be there, but what have you got for me that I haven't heard before?

So, with that two-week, lust-building exercise in mind, it would be a bit ridiculous for me to pick favorites, because even more so than usual, last night's playlist was chock full. I do want to point to some outstanding recent releases by Crowhurst, Sonic Poison, Straight Crimes, and Vasculae. Castleheads remarked upon selections from Iskra | Burnt Skull | Bleak | The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion ...

Our capture this week comes from a short film entitled Hag (see below), part of the somewhat-uneven but ultimately quite satisfying comedy-horror anthology Monsterland; click on that little moment of love paralysis up above to reach the streaming audio, playlist and listener comments for last night's horrorcast™.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

You had me at orphans

Open and enthused dialog is always encouraged at My Castle of Quiet—butts v. boobs, how The Jam's music has not aged well, weevils ... it's all good, very very good; group share, without hugs or the gut-stab of the serenity prayer at the end. Did I ever mention how much I dislike the serenity prayer? How it plays into our already-rooted Judeo-Xtian programming; another backhanded slap of prostration before the misty "Lord," who we invented to shoulder the burden of our natural, human weakness. "Accepting the things I cannot change" never got a bridge built. You know what else "works if you work it?" You get the idea.

"Fist in the Air" has to be the anthem of 2016, and who better to serve it up than Cherubs, who after 20 years, just decided to start making amazing music again. Also remarked upon were a classic track by Renegade Soundwave | Magnetic Systems w Fabio Frizzi | the trailer for Blood & Lace (see below) | the always-amazing Couch Slut (ferocious live set video below)(Couch Slut on My Castle of Quiet 2015 @ the Free Music Archive) | NJ's Null & Void [coming soon to MCoQ for a live set!] | Ustalost ... personally, I can't escape the new releases from True Love | Haxen | Verminaard year's favorites are lining up fast, just past the halfway mark.

I'll be tending to family business next week ... please lend new WFMU DJ Carol McCrossen your ears & indulgence; she's got a fine radar for what's good.

Want to close with a double-down on my recommendation of 2008's Plague Town (director David Gregory also known for the excellent Richard Stanley documentary, Lost Soul), a film of humble means, rich in great atmosphere, resonant visuals, and brutal gore. Back in two weeks!