Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fuck everything ... Except MCOQ

Ahh, what's playing now?! @00:17? ...a monumental LP side from Sea Of Bones, followed by a soul-crushing track off the Coffinshade demo (cassette available from Tour de Garde), and then, some absolutely hypnotic, "blackened" selections from blonde dissection, and Menimals, recurring 80s thrash/death from Sewercide... and plenty more lurching, wicked black metal, from Blliigghhtteedd, Istidraj, White Medal, A.M.S.G. ...and thanks to Fox (Rā-chul), for keeping my car psychologically on the rails, with all the untoward shit going on in American politics I was in fact quite numb.

It's all there; just click on Jena Malone, captured from NWR's The Neon Demon, a departure from the director's form in certain ways (female protagonist; many smoother, extended scenes), but for fans of Refn's movies, truly, there is a lot to crush. ...And we rode out last night's horrorcast™ with long-form electronics, film scores and lush, Scandinavian chanting.

I'm glad I was able to provide respite for some. Trying not to be too serious, ever, while at the same time, realizing "IT'S OVER!" and "PHEW" though many hedged their bets on a losing horse. "We told you so" seems oddly cruel ...

WFMU is still fundraising, with an eye on the station's overall goal; My Castle of Quiet as well, more than halfway ascending to ours. To pledge, please see the dog 'n' cow Flash widget above this post. It's been a rich autumn, so many great new releases, in our twin godheads of extreme metal and noise.

I got my share of tongue-tied last night, my mind being somewhat possessed by current affairs. "When you haven't finished the assignment," right? The teacher disdains, because they know that you're "not working to your fullest potential." 

Highlights of our last hour included, but were not limited to: Arvo Zylo great solo CD, Kimberly Henninger & Shawn Parke, Exhaustion, Death Factory, and Architeuthis Dux (stream below.)

Special programming kicks up again on our November 29/30 program, with a live set/album premiere from NJ's Ides's Ides from their first MCoQ appearance in 2013. Thanks for listening as always. Perhaps next week we will find ourselves nearing the end of "bargaining" ....

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

We just can't get a Castle show on Halloween can we? One day though...

Someone please 'splain to me what "...a Woody Harrelson short" means? Is the always-charming actor-stoner-stoner-actor valid currency now? And how then, would a Harrelson fare in market value against a McConaughey? And thanks for the consideration (and headline), listener Rory. That particular planetary alignment may have happened (I'd have to check a calendar), of our program and Halloween falling on the same night—may not have—but honestly, the very essence of the matter is that WE ARE HALLOWEEN on My Castle of Quiet, every week; so while many take the weeks leading up to the holiday to "get their spook on," it's the daily order that we remain immersed in the cinema, imagery and language of horror always, so no "Halloween Special" needed, or really even considered. IF we fall on the day, all that said, a ritual of some proportion might be in order, we shall see what the stars have planned.

...It's a good day today, not only because my pre-worn shirt and Instax from Gyna Bootleg* arrived (*performance artist-idol-noisemaker-sexbomb-SIRE vocalist-and pretty much the best thing on Instagram) but also because we rattled these Castle walls last night, and a good time was had by all. (And to answer your question, yes I am a pervert, a bicycle-seat-sniffer if ever there was one, and though the Bootleg shirt came with neither stink nor stank, it's still pre-worn and it's a nicely debauched, seedy silkscreened design.) ...and we didn't even hear SIRE this week, but we will!!!! They have three new songs posted at their bandcamp from the soon to arrive SIRE full-length, Evocation of the Serpent.


The faithful roared (er, typed) for: Basarabian Hills | Waste | Frizzi2Fulci (see below) | new Nick Cave | new Dark Blue | new Numerators | Alcoholic Rites | Kiran Arora ... the new Cape of Bats tape-side sounding great, too, along with Street Sects, BIB, the Fur Helmet 12", lots more ...

So, 54% is awesome, and much love to the hardcore 'heads that got us there—we still have a potential 46% to go in pledges, so if you enjoyed last night's show, haven't pulled the trigger quite yet, etc., please see the black, white and grey "PLEDGE NOW" widget somewhere above this post, at the top of our horrorcast™-playlist-archive page, and virtually all over (if you wish to pledge to another WFMU program, or the station @ large.)

Click on that inspired young lad up top, from the I Was a Teenage Were-Bear segment of the comedy-horror anthology Chillerama, to reach the full streaming audiocast, playlist with album art, and comments for last night's program.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I'm enjoying this more-mixed approach to set structure that has sort of crept up on me. The Castle has always been eclecticbecause "dark" comes in so many colors. There will still be "metal blocs," not to worry, just maybe with a little more seasoning in the membranes. All The Colors of The Dark, in fact. It's been an Edwige Fenech kind of week, for me, having just re-watched Your Vice Is a Locked Room ...thanks to Shudder. Also, if you happen to be a subscriber, Blood Rage, recently added, and starring Louise Lasser, is absolutely indispensable for lovers of great American trash cinema.

Much gratitude to Andy Ortmann for a complex and slowly unfolding, treat-for-the-ears set; sounded amazing over the air. And to HOGG, fierce and earnest in their craft in all the right ways, a perfect blend of punchy drum machine-live percussion-spiny guitar-plucky bass, and Regan McNeil vocals, nice people to boot. It was great to meet you all, and thanks for making My Castle of Quiet & WFMU a stop on the tour. You can stream our entire horrorcast™ from last night, including both live sets, by clicking above, on a revolver-wielding Imogen Poots from the fun Fright Night remake (2011.)

Remember, while everyone gets "spooky," and wallows in horror-film enjoyment every October, we are here doing this every week. We are Halloween all-year-round, and if that be your Santa Claus as well, then please do donate what you can, to our show and to WFMU. Bottom line we really need it (for example, our server was choked, right during last night's show and until some time today) and more $ means more independence for WFMU always. Just sayin'.

Thanks to everyone who has pushed My Castle of Quiet 30% toward its shift goal for the month! I've thanked some of you on air, and have a bigger list of names to roll call next week. My gracious thanks, and a place for thee always amidst the mortar of The Castle.

To pledge, please see the dog-and-cow flash widget above this post.

[My Castle of Quiet on Facebook]

Finally, this week is Singles Going Steady at WFMU, which undoubtedly fueled our eclecticism, with high points last night from The Animals, Amofas, Wilt, the first Der Plan EP, Sun Splitter, Spettro Family, Liviiing, Dairyland Jubilee, Narcos, True Love, more ...

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Call it a seasonal mood, "creativity in action," whichever, last night's My Castle of Quiet program was more organically devised, rolling forward with the selections like a wheel of fortune, trusting my gut that it would all fit, in contrast to my more-tried-and-true device of blocking out sets of similar music, or as I put it, "metal, metal, more metal, punk, 'space'...." It was a lively, receptive and interactive comments board, so I guess maybe I done good.

Praise for "Lucifer's Corpus," a UK-occult-psych classic from Writing on The Wall, never fails | a track from the recent Senyawa/Arrington de Dionyso collab | the amazing Jackie Ransom tape | Mexican shoegaze-black loveliness from Astarot | the perennial Castle favorite Haare, from the -stuff of legend- Chemical Witchcraft LP ... and 54 mins. of brilliant, brutal, HEALING doom from Highgate.

...and it's my free-form / nonprofit broadcaster's duty, nay mission, to remind you all that if you like what you hear, on MCoQ or any other WFMU program, to please make a donation to us this October. The month is past the halfway mark, our program and the station in general still falling short of our fundraising goals. It's always "lean times" at WFMU, our budget always a gathering of piecemeal donations from various generous sources, and yeah ... If last night's program enriched your night, please think about visiting the white Flash widget above this post & giving what you can. Also see this page for more information/options, and new merch designs.

Recorded yesterday, to be broadcast next week, dazzling live sets by both Andy Ortmann and HOGG, a Chicago noise tour that graciously made WFMU and The Castle one of their stops, and you won't be disappointed by what has been laid down! Join us for the broadcast next week, see here for more info and to "join" our event.

Finally, our screen capture this week takes us YET AGAIN to Robert Eggers' contemporary classic The Witch; click there for the streaming audio archive, playlist and comments for last night's horrorcast™.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

River of Garbage. That's beautiful.

Cult black metal definitely pulled the train last night, slapped the horse—"giddyap!"—its melancholic streams, relentless, hammering beats, and anguished wails defined our evening ...And none more so than Ozama, whose live set showcased well the band's songwriting power. Mügrêh is planning two albums ahead, his pockets are full of songs, and it's damn impressive too, because it's top-shelf composing, none of this riff-blast beat-slow part-repeat stuff that's all too common nowadays. SO yes, GREAT USBM, Latin-American Black Metal, "kvlt"—call it what you will it's just top of the line, and I'm thrilled to have hosted the band. Look for their second full-length, Rio de Basura, to arrive in a few weeks.

The evening began and continued in this dark terrain for most of the night, with great tracks from White Medal, Tardigrada [new full length preview here], Grand Mood [new 12"!], Human Bodies, M. Del Rio, a blistering punk set, and lots of Popnihil cassettes. It's all up there, to stream the archive just click on Alan Bates' cracking visage from Jerzy Skolimowski's classic The Shout.

So here's the thing—WFMU needs pledges! We're doing this all October, mostly on the Web, low pitch, low pressure—but we do need what you can spare, with all kinds of changes happening at the station (rebuilding our third floor, JM in the AM's amicable yet sudden departure (12/1), plus more stuff you don't even wanna know....) so PLEASE click on the black and white dog-and-cow widget above this post to support WFMU, and to specifically make that pledge to My Castle of Quiet, I mean if you're reading this and enjoy the show yep yep yep

Thanks again to Ozama, and JP, and to everyone who's put us 14% toward our modest program goal for the month; I'll be thanking folks on the air next week.

BUT WAIT, there's more...WFMU is holding a "small-but-mighty record affair" at our Monty Hall, THIS SATURDAY, October 15, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. @ 43 Montgomery Street in Jersey City. And yes, my own little curative label/cottage industry Prison Tatt Records will be there, with our in-print catalog of cassettes, 12" & 7" vinyl, and CDs, distro items, personal-collection must gos, and a few new releases NOT YET FOR SALE ONLINE. Hope to meet you there and maybe even sell you something!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Yea this is definitely scratching the itch.

We opened strong, with at least one listener declaring, "this is horrible noise!," and a live-recorded vision of ecstasy from the great Incapacitants, from their Burning Orange album (2008.) Onward into Oxen-label territory—a trio of mind-mashing works—one from Unsustainable Social Condition in particular drawing comment on our playlist. [Click on the image below to stream our exclusive 2010 broadcast of Incapacitants' set from LAFMS fest.]

We drifted forward in the sandstorm, with tracks from PANICSVILLE [Andy Ortmann, with touring companions HOGG, our guests-to-be at the end of the month], and a dreamy excursion through many-colored rooms with pianos, from our friend and former guest Arvo Zylo.

Noise Bliss-Out #5 played out in fuzzed ease, with a later excerpt from the great Wipe Hour Time Canceler tape also garnering praise. ...

Please remember that our mothership WFMU is fundraising all this month, low-pressure, Web-only, and to contribute directly to My Castle of Quiet, see the easy-to-use flash widget atop that page, or this page, or our weekly playlist page, or simply visit this page (to also have a look at our two new t-shirts, and other swag as well.)
Click on everybody's pal McConaughey up top (from the moving Dallas Buyers Club) to reach the full, screaming, streaming archive of Noise Bliss-out #5, complete with album/tape art and listener comments.

NEXT WEEK: MCoQ continues a month of special programming with another one for the ages; a live set from the mighty OZAMA! [Facebook event]

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Last night's My Castle of Quiet horrorcast™ definitely leaned noise-friendly. I'd had the thought of doing another Noise Bliss-Out; then, in the intervening week, realized that a wealth of great new metal and punk had dropped and I wasn't looking to wait to play it. All the same, noise dominated, and that Live Sadism I'd been carrying in my satchel for months finally got a second play on our program, a nice chunk of "Hängeparty 2." The world would most certainly be a little less wonderful without Scandinavian sado-porn-noise.

New OPPONENTS music once again graced our air, the band having *two* new digital full-lengths of outstanding material. We heard also in our first set from the one-off Welsh-dynamite 2009 Blackest Rainbow CDr by Spill, and a full side of the newly issued-on-vinyl M.B. and Ryan Martin collab.

Also drawing comment were Herschell Gordon Lewis; we lost the gore/horror/sleaze-cinema pioneer this past week | new Sea of Bones | new White Medal [!!!] | new A.M.S.G. | ...and occupying much of our last hour, a full 2011 tape side, two pieces, by Death Factory, the longstanding Chicago-based sound-artist extraordinaire M. Krause, whose vinyl debut also recently released.

Also of distinction: Narcos | Street Sects | Caveman Cult | The Gospel Truth | PBK & Wolf Eyes | Lead Sprinkler

Next month brings not only Halloween, and with any luck a wealth of special programming on My Castle of Quiet and WFMU, but also our annual "silent" fundraiser (low-pitch, Web-based, new t-shirts & other station swag.) More info on that very soon, here, as well as at our Facebook group page. One thing for sure, we'll be visited by Darcey Leonard, the charming/sassy/mystical proprietress of Brooklyn's Tarot Society, on the 18th, our friend DJ JayD (a name you may know from our comments board) joins as well.

This week, in our screen capture, the tragic Emily—from Lucio Fulci's Gates of Hell—Fulci, Fulci, it's always Fulci! You can click there to reach the playlist [*ahem* Listener Howard], streaming audio and comments board for last night's show.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mom's listening.

Much as 2016 is shaping up to be, 2010-2011 was a great year for kvlt black metal, and as part of last night's extra-blackened horrorcast™, we took many great side-trips into that year, with selections from Fidei Defensor, Disakrin, Blackest Woods [for a very brief time, Ormeyngel was the "Youth Attack of Oslo," -now, some of their releases are available as FREE downloads on bandcamp], City Bones and Forgotten Spell. ...

Unquestionably, the stars of our program were our live guests Worthless, who, as a relatively young band, already are quite accomplished—with great songs, deftly arranged, and executed in a raw, aggressive, gracefully shrieking manner—it occurred to me that Worthless' first cassette demo [recorded at My Castle of Quiet engineer Jean Paul's studio, The Ossuary Recordings] could easily and worthily see a vinyl issue on Gilead Media or Broken Limbs.... Thanks again to the band for rendering a fantastic set, our first live show of the new WFMU season.

Also praiseworthy on our playlist were very-new releases by M. Del Rio | Istidraj [this release quickly becoming one of my favorites of the year] | Ramlord | Moros | The Gospel Truth | Caveman Cult ...

...and closing out or last half-hour, one of the finest noise-cassette-one-piece-on-each-side releases in a long while, and definitely one of my personal favorites of 2016, Vasculae's Head Against Wall.

Our screen capture this week comes from Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Gods of the Plague; click on its gathered mourners to reach this week's playlist, streaming audio, album artwork, listener comments, etc. Next week's show is destined to be more noise-focused, if only for the grace of a glut of material as yet unaired...we'll see, perhaps a Noise Bliss-Out is in order. ...

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

hey dude, your fckin cd's stuck. nudge it will ya?

The Castle air has perhaps never been clearer the old spirits linger, in eagerness of receiving a new soul its arid, stone hallways more charged than ever with expectancy. ...and as the Northeast US crackles open, back to life with actual breezes blowing, rustling the dirt, so too are myself and the My Castle of Quiet program reborn—alive, fresh, brushing off the corpse dust—HELL, even having the jacket drycleaned. Only the future awaits.

We had the usual good time last night; worthy of comment were an "alt. take" of The Rolling Stones' "Sway" from which we also borrowed our show title | a track by metal mathemagicians Spiral Architect | and mostly WORTHLESS, our live guests next week on WFMU/MCoQ, with the title song from their premiere full-length ...

Also GREAT were new Actuary [from a split LP with Deathstench] | Reissued Japan-psych-noise from Up-Tight | Burzum-style electronics from Wende | more new OPPONENTS | Istidraj | more Negromancy | Forgotten Spell | Funeral Art | Bleak | Salvation | 0N0 ...


Back next week with the beefy, cobwebbed LIVE sounds of Worthless:

Click on our lovely space girl (from Paolo Sorrentino's Youth) to reach the accuplaylist, audio stream, and listener comments for last night's horrorcast™

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Remind me never to cross you.

As Nelson Muntz has said, "these are the grapes, and this is the WRATH."
... The halfwits who live in the catacombs under the Castle were rattling their chains so loudly last night, Phyllis Schlafly could hear them down in the 9th circle of hell...and she was truly tormented. When I please them, I know that I have done truly well; they break from long hours of fingering the rough texture of their greenish skin, and pulling on their matted hair (turned white with the absence of any pigment), and just generally fucking like there's no tomorrow...which is, in fact, all they have—a thousand-and-one tomorrows—when THEY acknowledge that something GOOD is happening upstairs, it must very surely be.

Every song, every selection was an "arrival"—which is always my intent, though I most often pick apart program archives as a merciless critic (rest assured I am proud, yet I share a room with humility and gratitude) ... Maybe I need to get pissed off more often by haggard-before-their-time, NJ cigarette cows, livin' in "da heights," and calling the studio phone with their drunken ramblings about nothing I care about. Perhaps that utterly wretched cunt improved my performance! I made a mountain out of an albeit-festering molehill, and it turns out she was helping me? This all goes to show that sobriety and anger are potent creative forces, because apart from having the usual good time, I can actually quite recommend last night's horrorcast™ as, you know, something to listen to, all without feeling unduly stuck up.

Highlights: Kallathon from the monumental 2015 Black Twilight Circle collection Desert Dances & Serpent Sermons | Vaarheere from their one-off rip-roaring cocainacopia tape | the amazing SIRE, wild black metal from Providence (fronted by splatter goddess ex-Tinsel Teeth monster  artist/sex bomb Gyna Bootleg) | Esoteric, raw black from the Negromancy label artists | outstanding new work from Opponents | Kleistwahr | excerpts from a great blacknoise concept work by Enbilulugugal | more from Street Sects | Christian Death reissue | THAT GREAT KIRBY MUSIC! | Rectal Hygienics | new works from Avarus | ...and Aethenor

That about covers it.
In two weeks: Great, contemporary, locally grown black metal LIVE with WORTHLESS!

For our screen capture, we returned again to the contemporary classic The VVitch; click there to reach the streaming audio, playlist, and listener comments for this week's My Castle of Quiet.