Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pie and not gone. ... Viva La Berger!

My colleague Jonathan Herweg (our shows used to butt up on Thursday nights, and I find his program to be generally excellent) got me at a funny moment; I was "going off," which I now rarely do, taking an extended first mic break, talking of all things, whatever thoughts, stories and opinions were bursting to get out last night, and in the midst of this op-ed-rant, Jonathan writes "Viva La Berger!" to the playlist comments, catching me off guard and giving me a laugh, though I assume he was generally liking what he was hearing. So when I use that phrase as a blog-post title, it's as much self-aggrandizing as it is self-effacing. Man should be humble and proud in equal measure!

Much love for Fairport Convention's "Tam Lin," a song I too have loved for many years. I was a bit worried that I was starting off too "rock," at least for the general listener expectations that tend to surround The Castle, so the massively positive reception was reassuring. I'll also mention right here that "Tam Lin" is about witches, curses, knights, fairies, Hallowe'en—a wholly appropriate bit of drama-laden folklore from the British Isles. "They will turn me into a newt or a snake, but hold me tight and fear not, I am your baby's Father."

Not much to add; I'm working on some live music stuff for the upcoming month-plus, but nothing to announce definitively yet.

Last night's show was in three, fairly definable chunks—"rock dirges; apocalypse score"—"black metal, kvlt!"—and "long M.B. piece." Hope you enjoy(ed)! Click on the partially digested shoe from the great Death Bed (thanks, Tracy!) to reach the playlist, archive and comments.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Rapture, in Several Shades of Orange
I've been taking longer breaks from special guests and live music, since My Castle of Quiet came back to WFMU's weekly air in December. And what can I say? Painful for The Fonz, but not for me—I WAS WRONG!

The concentrated joy of last night's set by Future Death Toll was its own reward. Fresh off of tour, the band sounded a-frickin'-mazing, and I was immediately confronted with a familiar feeling, of "O, Lucky Man!" I dig deep into the underground, bobbing for those most-artistic of apples, and come up with the OUTSTANDING sounds of FUTURE DEATH TOLL!!! Indeed, I am fortunate, to have this incredible OUTLET wherein I can extend invitations to artits such as these, and they just show up and play! Sit in that Studio B chair sometime, and you'll begin to understand how good the years of MCoQ weekly broadcasts have been to me, and to the program's devoted listeners. The kiss of WFMU is GOLDEN, and I need to remember to utilize this opportunity, in order to bestow upon all who care the rareified talents of artists like these.

An off-and-on tenure of some 30-very-odd years with the station has afforded me the true gift to host some of my favorite artists / bands, and to introduce to a wider audience some lesser-known greats as well.

The playlist comments bubbled over with appreciation for our guests, and tracks by She Wants Revenge, and Svartpest (a favorite from 2003.)

...Time then, to line up some more live sets for the ensuing months, and remind myself of which side The Castle's black bread is buttered on.

Click on our gauzy trio, from the Shaw Brothers film The Boxer's Omen, a psychedelic-horror-gross/out-Tao-revenge wizzbang of a weirdass film, to reach the playlist and audio archive of last night's horrorcast™.

For more from Future Death Toll, also check out their pages on soundcloud and bandcamp.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Future Death Toll are an exciting performance and sound-art troupe, with a mighty presence on YouTube, and luckily for us, a library of terrific songs as well. Three orange jumpsuits seem to indicate that they are prisoners as well, though by appearances, prisoners of their art, or the world, rather than a Maximum Security incarceration facility.

Personally, I've been preparing for this most of my life, as I know I will kill someone eventually, but we're not here to talk about me, well sort of not. I did have one of those PURE musical experiences with this band, you know the kind—where you are only peripherally aware of what you have playing, until it rises to engage and energize you fully, as in, "what the hell is THIS I have playing? THIS is GREAT!: "Ill get a flashlight." You read the tape case and BOOM!—A star is born, in your own little encapsulated world at least, a kind of highly personalized American Idol in your brain.

Musically, F-DT are a more friendly, but still weird-as-fuck Genocide Organ; home brewed and delicious without all the rape and general nastiness; I don't actually know what they're singing about, could be rape, but the general tone of whimsy in Future Death Toll suggests otherwise, not forgetting that their name is Future Death Toll after all, but sonically therein, lies the suggestion of everything from The Residents to DEVO, to the colorful roster of Rainbow Bridge Recordings; and it's on the strength of this self-released cassette alone that I proposed a LIVE visit to My Castle of Quiet and WFMU, track after track engaging in a way similar to the homespun multi-track charms of the original lo-fi cassette era of the 1980s, and labels like Subterranean and Posh Boy; and what makes it apropos to the horror-shaped goings on of this show are the droll, apocalyptic references, the tone of the vocals, and the suggestion that one "just crawl into a body bag instead of going to work" -and yea, my simple-enough needs are MET!

There's also enough crackle, thump and jarring sounds to call this noise, though the relatively short, catchy (my definition) tunes make it pop—pop-calypse, that is. Contemporary noise-heads won't know the difference, they'll jump-along, and those with an older, broader sense of underground musical history will enjoy the accidental or intentional references to a wacked-out attitude that sits comfortably alongside Nash The Slash or The Poetics.

This is a band after WFMU's sonic heart, and I'm thoroughly energized to see what they'll do with the opportunity to render a live radio set. RSVP Facebook.

I gently finger the threads of rope at the end of my tether, @ midnight.
F-DT @ 12:30, 12:40 a.m. approx.
WMFU 90.1FM (Hudson Valley)
in Rockland County @ 91.9FM LIVE on the Web.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Looks like an interspecies orgy!
Entreat. You're in a bad way with the representatives of The Church. As if your humility and passion weren't obvious, they taunt you, because they have real life-or-death control over your destiny. They take it lightly, this life of yours. Tens of thousands of peasants (and some nobility, too) died miserable, painful deaths at the hand of the mighty Church. And what of thee? Savor every moment, and say your words when given the chance. This was THE WAY, for so very long.

Modern man clings to his Bible, and in many a case, takes the text quite literally, even to this day. When, oh when, will the Age of Reason initiate, and then dominate the common consciousness, such that not one more soul need suffer at the hand of The Church's judgments?

From the entreat to the TREAT; last night, Castlefolk bore humble, enthused WITNESS to the emanations from THE SEED STOCK. AND IT WAS GREAT. Our third, and perhaps final, for some time at least, to the carefully woven musical selections, a comprehensive view, in sound, of all that informs THE SEED STOCK. This was perhaps RB's greatest appearance at The Castle, though said visits are always a welcome feast for the mind and ears. This was the kind of show where, if you're like me, you spent hours online afterward, beseeching all known merchants, seeking out these rare treasures. Yea, every selection from the satchel of THE SEED STOCK was a reward, a stimulating journey through the universe of black metal and punk. Too many gems to mention or single out.

Click on our supplicant ABOVE, to reach the playlist and audio archive of last night's broadcast, thoughtfully presented by your host, and the good folks at WFMU. Indeed, your host wishes even that he could take back the initial forty minutes or so, my selections, as pleased as I surely was with them, and give those minutes back to THE SEED STOCK, so that we could have heard even more. Hindsight aside, you will enjoy enjoy enjoy every precious minute, I shit thee not.

Thank you for listening, and for your comments; much appreciation from your host, and our guests.

Give a listen, weather the (perhaps) OVER-stimulation, and then listen again. It really was that good, and I'm glad we hosted RB, who is indeed welcome back ANY TIME. Our cup overfloweth, at this rarest-of-the-rare presentations, before we are, quite against our will, slogged back to the Dungeon of the Christians.

Seed Stock guest spot #1, 23rd September 2011

Seed Stock guest spot #2, 31st August 2012


My Castle of Quiet returns next week, with live music from Future Death Toll.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Coming up on My Castle of Quiet's April Fool's Day 4/1-4/2 program, our third guest-DJ appearance by RB of Seed Stock Records. Like your host, but even more so, RB brings an excess of material for the 3-hr. allotment, and is an avid, maniacal collector of black metal—obscure cassettes, demos, vinyl, CDs, and CDrs—released by artists from the genre's regional enclaves worldwide, all assembled from his personal collection.

In the past, these stints have been wildly popular with WFMU and MCoQ listeners, and I have learned over time that our guest has no trouble whatsoever filling out a three-hour program, so while we will hear a *few* of my own must-hear selections, designed to fit this night's particular mold, the programming will be largely assembled by RB of Seed Stock, the label having proven itself to be a clearing house for the most-select rarities and idiosyncratic oddities of metal's much-maligned stepchild of a sub-genre, constantly pressuring its own boundaries.

So have your ears pricked, and your recorders ready, for this third installment of the most outlandish and comprehensive view that the global, black-metal community has to offer. MCoQ is honored to host RB for a third time.

That's tonight, midnight-3 a.m.
WMFU 90.1FM (Hudson Valley)
in Rockland County @ 91.9FM LIVE on the Web.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fucking black muck, so satisfying.
Indeed, SiHV, so much so that I often don't have much more to add. These little, self-imposed, look-back at the week's show posts; sometimes I honestly forget to do them, esp. with the fact that WFMU diligently archives everything in the already.

But here it is; sometimes I think it need not be more than a linked picture. Going, way, way, back, to paraphrasing an obscure DJ-Irwin quote, I often have not much more to add than the fact that I gave "good ball club." On the other hand, if I've a LOT to say, at any time, on any given thing, here is where you'll see it.

Great special programming coming up on My Castle of Quiet, with Seed Stock guest-DJ appearance #3 on 1st/2nd April, and Future Death Toll LIVE on 4/8-9.

Thanks for listening! ...For info on our screen capture this week, see the internal playlist-comments discussion.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

plz help i have no idea about this fm
Me neither, fella! I have South Park's "Fingerbang" playing on an endless loop in my head, not really your problem, or your fault; except to say that this week's show was a huge FINGERBANG of three hours of fundraising, like that perfect FINGERBANG we all so often dream of. And even though I completely FINGERBANGED my voice at Hoof 'm' Mouth practice (not singing "FINGERBANG"), Stan and I carried it, and brought it home, much like a good FINGERBANG, with a $3,178 plus change afterglow. THANKS TO ALL THE CASTLEHEADS WHO SO GENEROUSLY DONATED; many of you will soon be enjoying this year's My Castle of Quiet premium CDr, NOT ENTITLED FINGERBANG (see above.)

I don't quite know what to say, I'm moved, much like the satisfied feeling that lingers after a good FINGERBANG. Ooh, explicits. Satanic Dystopia sang "fucking" (as an adjective) quite so many times, that it lingered dangerously close to losing its impact as a cussword. Oh hell, it did. But at least we still have FINGERBANG; we'll always have FINGERBANG.

I know it's a good show when I wish I were at home listening, and winning prizes like the edition of 5 (they now tell me) of Death Factory's Chilling Impressions. I'll either beat the leukemia or I won't, depending on which Lifetime movie we're using as a never hear anyone say "FINGERBANG" on Lifetime, noooo Sir.

You all earned yourselves a good three hours of nearly no talking whatsoever, next week, and at least a serviceable FINGERBANG; for the girls and Gays, it's getter's choice, as to which finger and which orifice. Personally, I just need a good, deep scalp massage. SOOTHE MY ROARING HEAD. You asked if there was "anything you could do," and though I know it's just something people say as they're on their way out the door, I am free in that situation to call you out, combining the words "White Castle" and "vegetarian" in a single sentence, HA!

My son discovered The Residents this week, so in my absence, will someone in SF just go to Minna Ln., hang out for a minute and do a little happy dance? If you happen to see piles of mail garbage, look for a piece addressed to "Residents" or "Resident," and then STOP because this has all gone way too far. Still, it's cool when your kid discovers something that bizarre and culturally significant all on his own and then chooses it.

So what happened on the playlist? New and old friends said "hi," the gang was pretty much ALL THERE. ...Praise for Nuit Noire, Carter and Murano (Castle session), and Death Factory (Chilling Impressions just really is that goddamn good, like Mister Softee.) I had my bearings, despite my shredded rasp, and I think I gave good show as well as conducting a successful marathon show. Not so much last week. But maybe Mars was in retrograde or something. Thanks goodness I got rid of "FINGERBANG," somewhere during the course of composing this post. Whew!

Check you out next week, business as blissfully usual; lots of great live music and special programming to come this season on MCoQ.

Monday, March 3, 2014

That fucking tuba! ... We german freemen and women pledge for freedom and WFMU!
T H A N K S  T O  A L L O F  L A S T W E E K ' S C O N T R I B U T O R S !~

Appreciation for: Dan Peck's Solo LP, and the Telecult Powers track from this year's Castle premium CDr, The East Orange Ripper. Thanks also to Jason S. for co-hosting, and DJ Deep Creep for volunteering.

Did what I usually do, offered great prizes and reasons aplenty, without overwhelming everyone with talktalktalk (though a lot more talk is necessary than usual.) This coming shift HAS to be BETTER than last week, though, just sayin' - somehow the tried-and-true methods were not quite bedazzling, thought THEY say week #2 often exceeds week #1, this has not necessarily jibed with Castle history.

Make NO mistake, I appreciate every penny, but would also like to see MCoQ make a better-than-decent showing, just on a personal level, and also to support the mothership, WFMU. (I peeked, so I know we're starting this week off ahead of where we ENDED last week, thanks to Dave K and several others!!!)

So, all those appreciative folks who write to me, and post to the playlist saying that The Castle is their favorite show, PLEASE do us a solid, and donate something tomorrow night @ midnight, where I'll be reunited with my old Thursday-night compadre Stan. ...And here's that pesky pledge widget again -

Monday, February 24, 2014

WFMU Marathon 2014 under way and accepting your generous pledges. ...'s that time of year again, for us at MCoQ, it means reminding you, the devoted Castlehead, which side your black bread is buttered on, and who you can count on, week after week, for the ugly, dark, dreary, encrusted sounds we research and provide gladly for your icky pleasure. The WFMU 2014 'thon started earlier today, and will continue for two full weeks, culminating in the usual amped-up, madcap karaoke party at WFMU HQ as per usual (in which I will be singing as well.)

Despite the great diversity on the WFMU airwaves, from broadcaster to broadcaster, one thing can be counted on, and that's the hardcore enthusiasm with which every show is prepared and executed, like The Dusty Show, Reggae Schoolroom, Blurred and Obscured, or My Castle of Quiet, to cite just a few of my personal favorites. Every WFMU DJ is an absolute fanatic about what they present every week on air, and it's a labour of love and compulsive energy that makes every show happen—indifference or casualness never being part of the picture. Whatever we're nuts about, be it Dave The Spazz's show or Sinner's Crossroads, we're BATSHIT nuts about it, and therein lies the drive that holds the WFMU schedule together like a mighty psychic glue.

We're eternally grateful that we need not, thanks to our devoted listeners, ever kowtow to corporate support (which would inevitably lead to corporate dictates), though the occasional big power has been very generous with us, asking nothing but our continuance in return, bless 'em. But it's YOU, the WFMU listener, that keeps us rolling along for the most part, with your amazing, selfless, generous donations year after year, both during our relatively new Web-based "silent" fundraiser, and this of which I now speak, our annual, two week, big-magilla fundraiser wherein we put all the massive energy—a given, yearly event, like our record fair, and our out-of-town participation in musical festivals and the other crucial events of WFMU's year, this, without a doubt, being the MOST CRUCIAL.

So, if you want to donate specifically to My Castle of Quiet, and let your pledge be associated with the station's weekly home of black metal, horror scores, haunting/instrumental noizemusik, post-industrial weirdness, free improv and the like, HERE is the mighty widget through which to make your pledge specifically to MCoQ. (click on "PLEDGE") Pledge during our three-hour, on-air show for the next two weeks, and you'll be thanked on-air, and be eligible for the per-shift prizes and giveaways (this year we have some doozies, be assured!) In addition, any pledge to this program of US $75 or more, and you automatically get our WFMU t-shirt, as well as the My Castle of Quiet premium, exclusive CDr, compiled by your host—The East Orange Ripper. More info on the premium... It's comprised of all rare tracks ripped from cassette (hence the title), and used by permission, from Déficit Des Années Antérieures (DDAA), Jabladav, Zwaertgevegt Label (the bands Stink and Vartanian), Cryptic Carousel (Towering Heroic Dudes), Slasher Risk, Putrid Servant, Telecult Powers (Temple of Pei), Kr Grauwacke (Diskret records), and Onkunde (The Throat tapes.)

Tomorrow night (now tonight), Castle-fundraiser show #1 starts at midnight ET, and my co-host will be listener/friend/fan and fellow WFMU air personality, all-around good guy Jason Sigal. Looking forward to working with Jason, and watching your pledges of support for My Castle of Quiet and the mighty bastion of free-form and oasis of Northeast-US creative radio that is WFMU roll in. Thank you in advance, HAILS!