Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Damned Damned Damned was my first UK-punk record purchase. I brought it over to Mike Craig's house, ripped off the shrinkwrap, said something like, "look! punk rock!" 'Twas all very new at that time, you see.

Everything about the album sung the heady promise of something we were very ready for—songs that energized, going straight for the gut, deftly written and executed, complemented by Nick Lowe's very "you are there" Basher production. The whole record felt so alive, and easily transferred that feeling on first listen. And that cover—with the band all licking pie off each other's faces and hair—it was a little bit disgusting, so bold, and unlike anything Mike and I had ever seen before. Who were these disaffected Brits? A new plateau of cool for us to aspire to.

My long way of saying that the post-theme opener of "Born To Kill" curried a quick flood of comments on our playlist, and yes The Damned have proven to be timeless good music, with contemporaries of course, but without peer.

Also noted on our relatively "quiet" playlist was an excellent, new track from Planning For Burial, from the split 7" with Liar in Wait on Broken Limbs Recordings. With a monumental Laster album soon to drop (on 11.4; fulfilling and exceeding the promise of their EP), and a new Caïna LP coming soon as well, plus loads of other great releases, BLR is without question a label to watch. In a post-Lifelover world, it's gratifying to see that (for serious lack of a better term), post-shoegaze black metal has found an extraordinary voice in bands such as these.

I was personally pleased to give Venowl's "Vacant Cellar" its WFMU debut (from a new split tape with the also-outstanding Highgate; sold out from the band, but still available from Tartarus Records), as well as new tracks from Cara Neir (Venowl split!, also on BLR), The Gate (new quintet LP), Side B of the amazing Uniform 12", a new track from FRKSE (Husere Grav split LP, on Divergent Series), and a song from the great, new 12" EP by Ahna.

Please remember that WFMU is fundraising until the end of October; you can support the station's effort to fully equip our new, ground-level performance space, Monty Hall, get swag, and nominate your pet for WFMU Mascot status. To pledge directly in support of My Castle of Quiet, see the white, rectangular widget above this post, it's sooooo easy, and huge thanks to those who have pledged thus far.

NEXT WEEK: Live jams from Rodger Stella & Kyle Clyde!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

We See Each Other...

Greetings Castleheads, friends, foes, sometime listeners, bands and labels,

My Castle of Quiet and WFMU have been "silently" fundraising since the 1st of October—this as opposed to our two-week, very loud, annual on-air marathon in Feb.-Mar.

We do run completely on donations, for all maintenance / improvements to our offices and studio site in Jersey City, as well as our transmitter site in West Orange, NJ.

We're working on getting our ground-floor performance space, Monty Hall, up to working standard, such that no gear or facilities need be shared with our on-air studios for live performance and music. You can also nominate your beloved pet to be named the WFMU Mascot for the year! (simply enter your pet's info in the "comments" field when pledging.)

So, if you can spare some coin, any coin, to support the station and the most-unique creative alliance we have forged over the years with the My Castle of Quiet radio show, please do so before the month is out.

Earlier this week, we presented Kraut-Out, nummer drei [archive here], the third in a series of much-in-demand / well-liked, full 3-hour broadcasts of wildly diverse 70s music from Deutschland. Week after next, our last show for the month brings a live collaboration from Rodger Stella (Macronympha) and Kyle Clyde (aka Penny Royale), Facebook event here.

To donate (and yes there is swag aplenty offered, depending on your pledge amount, see this page at WFMU's Web site for info), visit the My Castle of Quiet playlist page and use the handy white rectangle atop left to make your pledge.

At this moment, MCoQ is 33% of the way toward our modest pledge goal for the month. Thanks for your consideration, and your support!

Yours in darkness,
Wm. Berger

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ihre Mutter säugt Schweine? Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung?

As meme legend Doge might say, "much Teutonic!" ...And as I might say, "a Teu-tonic for the soul." Don't all groan at once....

Made a conscious effort last night, though Castle shows are often an equal mix of meticulous planning, and mood, to include the broadest-possible spectrum of all the Krautrock music I've collected and enthused over for three-plus decades now—the hard blues-rock, the "kraut-jazz," the Teuton folk, and the genres that fit more decidedly within the MCoQ format—the left-field electronic, the improvised, the dark, obscure, hypnotic "experiments." All subgenres of Deutsche-wildness were on the table.

Playlist comments lauded: the amped-up, ferociously riffing Guru Guru stylings of Franz K. | Thirsty Moon, their "departure" album, Blitz | the mystic-tinged Germanic-chamber-folk of Emma Myldenberger (@ Discogs) | and Popol Vuh, one of the many fine SPV reissues / remasters, most with bonus material.

To cite personal highs would just bracket the entire show, though I did enjoy slipping in an excerpt from Stockhausen's Sternklang, from the gloriously high-end 2CD reissue on Stockhausen Verlag, and the closing, with a longer selection from the first Krautrock record I ever bought [excluding the more-obvious, universal faves like Neu!, Faust, Can and Kraftwerk], Gilles Zeitschiff, one of R-U Kaiser's successful, albeit appropriated, Cosmic Jokers-releases of tapes culled from a massive jam session between Klaus Schulze, Ash Ra Tempel and Wallenstein members. Who could resist Gille, offering up her 1/4-inch headphone end for your cosmic injection?

Please remember that WFMU is fundraising for the month of October, in large part to fully vitalize our Monty Hall ground-floor performance / public space; you can also nominate your beloved pet to be this year's WFMU Mascot!

Please see the white "widget" above this post to directly support the My Castle of Quiet show; we're 33% toward our pledge total for the month, thanks!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Jed Hershon 1964-2014

I could ruminate for weeks to months over what to say about Jed Hershon. Everyone whose life Jed touched in one way or another surely never forgot the experience. He was a true, full-blooded NYC character—cantankerous bookstore clerk, prankster, outrageous grump, loving-generous friend, true artist, and nasty S.O.B. all rolled into one.

Jed was the only NYC-based friend I've ever had who made the NJ-transit ride out to Essex County (the horror!), met my son and visited my home, more than once. I've had Manhattanite / Brooklynite friends who I've known a lot longer who never made that trip, so I'll always remember Jed for that consideration.

We became fast friends in '08 or '09. Born three days apart in 1964, both raised in the NY area in semi-secular, Jewish families, both music freaks, with a shared interest in the occult, a lot was simply understood between us, and that friendship quickly led to Jed co-hosting the My Castle of Quiet program on WFMU with me several times over 2009-2010. Archives of those shows can be cherry-picked and listened to near the bottom of this page.

I thought Jed and I had a great, natural-if-somewhat-crusty rapport; we were one another's ideal foil for a time, though my practice of being 100% real on mic, "bringing the outside in," as Jed called it, caused some friction but also made for some great radio. ...I won't go into the details of our subsequent "breakup," as that's our business, and all was forgiven several months ago. We were talking again, and I'm glad, especially in light of his passing, that the guy knew I loved him and that our fences were mended.

Finally, to epitomize my friendship with Jed Hershon, it's probably best to say this:  I created the outline of a screenplay, back in 2010, for a film to be called Disposal, where characters based on Jed and myself "decide" to become killers, fed up with the many and constant challenges of NYC life. In a filthy, noisy Brooklyn brownstone, the characters first fall into, and then delineate, however crudely, a plan to be the 21st-century Leopold and Loeb, on a mass scale. ...Eventually, the bodies start to pile up, basement-burial space runs low, and "we" spend much of the film arguing about body disposal, whose turn it is to do what, etc. Eventually, one of those arguments crests to a head, and the character based on Jed ends up killing me, burying me along with rest, and moving on, with the police slowly closing in. ...

We shared equally the joys of lives lived with no holds barred, and the gnashing jaws of frustration, misanthropy and isolationism. Jed lives on in all our memories; I for one will never forget him, and I recall our friendship without the slightest regret.

Below are two collections, albums of Jed's sound art, shared on the Free Music Archive via the My Castle of Quiet curator portal.  I had a lot of fun designing the cover for Nine Rings of Hell, grafting the head of an odd photo-potrait of Jed onto the body of legendary conjurer Eliphas Levi.

Below also is our one collaboration, a piece I've always been proud of, called "Hitler Is Dead."

If there is an afterlife, Jed is there, stoned out of his mind, and laughing at all of us.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The sun is about to rise.....the castle of quiet is here. Get in if you can.

Good times last night! ...Even if I'm sometimes feeling like life is weighing me down, leaden weight on my chest, I can always "give good show," and it emboldens my week.

A blazing hour+ of black metal, breaking gradually into trails of dark, heavy noise and psychedelia. ...It was cool to see a bunch of late-breaking comments hit on the playlist; The Castle is often TOO QUIET from 1:30-3.

You liked: Ghast (new album!) | Recreant (awesome new album, and I can't thank Jillian enough for turning me on to this amazing band) (Btw, you can see Ides tonight live at The Meatlocker in Montclair; Ides live on MCoQ, 2012 Dec.) | Skullflower (previously unreleased track, from this.)

Personal highs included the aforementioned, as well as a song from the new Mayhem on Season of Mist, the Wolvhammer / Krieg split 7" on Broken Limbs, the outstanding debut 12" by Uniform, tracks from the Szamanka OST by Andrzej Korzyński, and a looming, brooding track from the Husere Grav / FRKSE split on Divergent Series [link @ aQuarius Records.]

Thanks for listening, as always, and please remember that WFMU is silently fundraising, and holding a mascot contest, all this month.

NEXT WEEK: KRAUT-OUT #3!  (v.1 / v.2)

Click on this week's screen capture, from Strip Nude For Your Killer, to reach the playlist, archived audio, and comments from last night's horrorcast™.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

don't threaten me with a good time, william

Forced to hold back a load last week by sudden illness, I was left with a vision of a perfect MCoQ show, which played out last night almost perfectly. ...Ideally, lots of rousing, careering black metal and punk the first 90 mins. or so, to be followed by scores & OST-type music and a hearty Krautrock blast at the finale. I pat myself on the back, which is not something I do every week, most certainly.

Apart from the music, my prevailing thought these past two weeks has been "people." Why is it so difficult for some to communicate, openly and freely? I've never felt like I had any time to do anything but, it comes perhaps too easily to me to just say how I'm feeling in any given situation, so when others cannot, when they veil and obfuscate, and approach their expression in a winding, snaky fashion, I don't understand. The time I may have "wasted" sleeping, is the time others have wasted not expressing themselves fully and without fear. I'll say this, it makes me deeply appreciate the people in my life who can just talk. Never, ever hold out on me!

Playlist-comment praise went to Motörhead's "Stay Clean," always a personal favorite; Заводь [Zavod], from Ukraine, their excellent album available here from Freak Friendly Diy; a 2012 Krieg track [from a 4-way split; we hope to host the USBM legends live, here at The Castle, very soon!]; and "Katmandu," a soundtrack cut from the always-good Piero Piccioni.

Personal highs included tracks by Cloud Rat, Hexis, Veranear, and Vintage Flesh (aka Reverend John Hex, also of Nostalgic Darkness, who we've heard on the show before.)

NOW THE BIG IMPORTANT NEWS: WFMU and My Castle of Quiet are now officially fundraising, more information at that link, but one thing we WON'T be doing is hawking our value ON THE AIR. This is our yearly, all-October, "silent" fundraiser, where we utilize our Web presence, and the collective Web homes of all our on-air personalities, to implore you to give us the financial support we need and rely on.

Special Castle events for the month include: Kraut-Out #3, coming much sooner than planned, as you all enjoyed Kraut-Outs #1 and #2 so much...I'm almost ready with a schön playlist; a live broadcast on our Oct. 28-29 show, from Kyle Clyde and Rodger Stella; Kyle has graced us with live music before [see link], and if you listen to WFMU/MCoQ, you know well Rodger Stella's many fine musical works. Lastly, a live visit from USBM legends Krieg is in the works, though that may come post-fundraiser.

SO PLEDGE, FRIENDS! Show your love for WFMU / My Castle of Quiet, and get swag. See the white, rectangular "widget" above this post to make a donation.

Our still this week comes from the very fine Nikkatsu "Roman Porno" / Pinku film, Tattooed Flower Vase, featuring, among many other great scenes, an excruciatingly long pussy-tattooing scene [no electric tools!.] She's one badass bitch, s'all I can say. Click on Michiyo to reach the streaming audio, playlist and comments for last night's horrorcast™.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

awesome singing from stillen burgmann

Pretty rip-roaring last night, if I say so myself. Waterfalls of blood sanguinated the faithful. One 3-year listener checked in for the first time via the comments, and it makes sense, that one would wait that long I mean, if comment at all, ever. We're a quiet bunch, by and large, not big on the hanging out, a log cabin in the wood somewhere would suit most of us fine. Am I right? Wrong? We hang out in our own personal cerebral Milky Ways, and meet up here once a week. Going over, enjoying, assessing, feeling that filthy surge when the blast beats hit, and the core is hard. I like My Castle of Quiet listeners, because you are neither the random horde tuning in, by chance (though of course that happens), the whole weekly working is rich with collective purpose, you know by & large what to expect, and that fact puts me at greater ease. It's not the hot request line.

The newest Wold release, Postsocial, continues to split psyches, mine included; I think it's the pride of Saskatchewan's finest work since the treasured and groundbreaking Screech Owl.

Love also for the wholly unique voice of the Romanian Siculicidium, and yes, I wholeheartedly agree; the band is just right at the crossroads of black, punk, with a ferociously original compositional style.

Personals highs for myself included the track by Asian Women on the Telephone, from Russia, some sort of mad, Amon Duul I-energized semi-rock improvisation, and I look forward to their next Faustian excursion. Also excited to see some great, new releases in WFMU's new vinyl; a "finally!" LP issue of Sinoia Caves' fantastic score to Beyond the Black Rainbow, courtesy of Jajaguwar and Death Waltz, just the labels to get THAT job done. The recent vinyl reissue of Nord's 1984 NG Tapes cassette is excellent, as good as any of the flawless head trips the Japanese electronic noise combo has bestowed upon us. Also of great note, the new E.P. by the UK's DiE, British hardcore just the way I like it done, the forthcoming/new 1959 by Ellorsith (Caligari Records), and an excellent CD reissue of Bernard Szajner's Visions of Dune, a 1979 work by the French synthesist, as good or better than his classic Some Deaths Take Forever (1980), the former wholly unknown to me until now.

To peruse this week's program archive, read the comments, and hear me retool an old Elton John favorite, click above, on the lovely Clara, from Neil Jordan's Byzantium.

Thanks for listening!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Not a whole lot of metal this week, one choice, solid set pretty much, but I move toward and away from things on a daily basis. I did drive home listening with great enjoyment to the 2013 album by Siculicidium--punk-fired bm, great driving music, with trumpet solos and other unexpected loftiness--suffice it to say that I haven't played it nearly enough on the week!

I'm always pleased to find that Castleheads take the ride with me, wherever I may go.

Playlist comments went out once again to the new and truly outstanding Spitzenqualität, as well as a new track from Moonknight, an excellent piece from a forthcoming tape release from Ellorsith, the ubiquitous (in Castle terms) Klaus Schulze, and amazing, new releases from Moth Cock and Lussuria.

...and thanks also to Felix of DA for all the excellent film discourse!

That pussy is out to get you! Click up top for this week's horrorcast™ archive.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My mother is crying you son of bitch.

Click above for this week's horrorcast™ archive. ...Image from Guinea Pig 1: Devil's Experiment, a very romantic film, in the spirit of this week's show title. ...Can you really say that you love someone if you've never hung them in a bag overnight, or spun them in a chair until they were sick?

Thanks as always for listening!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Two whole weeks without the castle:( I didn't think I'd survive it. Welcome back ... Dj my funeral please

Spend more than a week away, and home is not likely to feel like home, not instantly. A few days of adjustment will be requisite. But that said, the DJ's chair @ WFMU was an easy slide back in, and will probably feel comfortable to me as long as I live. And such a nice welcome back from listeners! ...I'm one who by nature assumes that no one gives a damn what I do or where I go, if I live or I die, etc., and I'm not above engendering some self-fulfilling prophecy towards that end, either, so your kind words and accolades are appreciated perhaps more than you know.

I think it's become appropriate to refer to the particulate forms in the My Castle of Quiet radio show as "coitus" (the metal / punk / grind etc.) and "post-coital" (the noise, film scores, etc.), but I'm also not above flipping those scenes, mixing and mashing as the moment strikes.

Words on our playlist for:  Ancient Funeral Cult | Pallbearer (bought the CD used @ Beatnick Records in Montreal), and classic tracks from Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, and Vangelis (thanks to listener fleep for that last link; I was fortunate enough to find the original Barclay vinyl CHEAP in Montreal, at Sonorama (lots of great used vinyl there, with all genres represented) Also want to give a huge plug to Sound Central, the best store for my particular tastes in Montreal, where I found the Kenaz cassette and The Ropes 7" we heard last night.

Personal highs last night, and there were many, include the aforementioned Vangelis find, new tracks by Dhampyr, and Black Whispers (from Costa Rica), one selection from an excellent new full-length by Lussuria (Lussuria LIVE on MCoQ in 2011<<<), classic tracks from Kraftwerk (full DL / info / SoundCloud @ that link!; The CD itself is a boot...), Agent Steel (I played a different track, but this is their "anthem") and Antonius Rex (interesting, contemplative fan post on the Jacula / Antonius Rex "mythos"), and lastly, a great 2011 piece from Sky Burial, who as far as I can tell have no "bad material," as I like everything I've heard.

I want to get this posted, so I'll keep it short and just say thanks for listening! We have some interesting prospects for live music on the horrorcast™ in the cooker, but nothing ready for publication. ... Our film still this week comes not from a horror film, but from Mikhail Kalatozov's Cranes Are Flying, an elegant-but-brutal WWII tragedy; click there to reach our audio archives and playlist / message board for this week's show.