Friday, September 1, 2017

New Blockaders, I'm happy! ...God bless the Noise Bliss-Out.

And that's the idea—bliss. Large-sized, fat slabs of noise, to wrap and soothe your head like a sonic turban. No. 7 this week, and they will keep coming, as My Castle of Quiet continues on its bloody rampage into WFMU's new schedule...

On that topic, expect a live, in-studio set from Pulcinella (10/10-11), with more to come.

Lots of favorites this week again, including Testicle Hazard | new Chris Pottinger | The New Blockaders & Creation Through Destruction | Leslie Keffer & Rodger Stella | Inappropriate King Live | Richard Ramirez | Sissy Spacek | and Swollen Organs, from the great new Psychotropes v/a cassette.

Lots more to explore therein as well, and your can hear it all via WFMU by clicking on the charmingly mad Alice Morgan above.

Autumn seems to have arrived in the Northeast; I can leave the house, or spend the day blissed-out with the windows open. Berger out, until next week.