Thursday, August 24, 2017

I love love love that vruuuummm sound of a wood chipper. The sound of efficiency.

Lots of favorites this week, from vintage Sebadoh | new Hell | new Sunrot | Light of the Morning Star | vintage Shriekback | new Impalers | new Blank Spell | new Urarv | new One Master | attic/blonde dissection | mid-2000s Eduardo Polonio ... Personal favorites included Altar of Scum | | ,,,and our closing 40-min.+ of live Trepaneringsritualen (currently on tour.)

I swear these posts will get longer with the onset of Autumn. Looking back, I used to write things that were like "micro-lit" here. Just waiting out the end of Summer, busy with "life stuff," and not feeling terribly inspired to extrapolate, beyond a program rundown and a movie recommendation or two.


Apart from some titles already discussed on this week's program, I just last night watched what just might turn out to be one of my favorite viewing experiences of this year—from 2011—but new to me, and freshly available to scrubs with a Shudder account: The Oregonian, directed and written by Calvin Reeder, who you may know better as having small parts in some great 2000s horror films (as the cop who arrives at the sploshy ending of You're Next, or as Gary, the head thug in "Tape 56," the wraparound story from V/H/S the first.)

The Oregonian hits the ground running (appreciated, in horror especially), and is deftly filmed & edited to incorporate modern shaky-cam techniques (when scene-appropriate) with a "70s psychic-surreal road film" aesthetic. Think O'Brien's The Third Policeman, with a female protagonist, set very decidedly in the Pac NW, with a recurring and disarming frog-furry costumed character.

Up top, the chillingly amoral Ryunosuke, from The Sword of Doom (1966.) Click there to stream this week's horrorcast™ in full.

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