Wednesday, September 17, 2014

awesome singing from stillen burgmann

Pretty rip-roaring last night, if I say so myself. Waterfalls of blood sanguinated the faithful. One 3-year listener checked in for the first time via the comments, and it makes sense, that one would wait that long I mean, if comment at all, ever. We're a quiet bunch, by and large, not big on the hanging out, a log cabin in the wood somewhere would suit most of us fine. Am I right? Wrong? We hang out in our own personal cerebral Milky Ways, and meet up here once a week. Going over, enjoying, assessing, feeling that filthy surge when the blast beats hit, and the core is hard. I like My Castle of Quiet listeners, because you are neither the random horde tuning in, by chance (though of course that happens), the whole weekly working is rich with collective purpose, you know by & large what to expect, and that fact puts me at greater ease. It's not the hot request line.

The newest Wold release, Postsocial, continues to split psyches, mine included; I think it's the pride of Saskatchewan's finest work since the treasured and groundbreaking Screech Owl.

Love also for the wholly unique voice of the Romanian Siculicidium, and yes, I wholeheartedly agree; the band is just right at the crossroads of black, punk, with a ferociously original compositional style.

Personals highs for myself included the track by Asian Women on the Telephone, from Russia, some sort of mad, Amon Duul I-energized semi-rock improvisation, and I look forward to their next Faustian excursion. Also excited to see some great, new releases in WFMU's new vinyl; a "finally!" LP issue of Sinoia Caves' fantastic score to Beyond the Black Rainbow, courtesy of Jajaguwar and Death Waltz, just the labels to get THAT job done. The recent vinyl reissue of Nord's 1984 NG Tapes cassette is excellent, as good as any of the flawless head trips the Japanese electronic noise combo has bestowed upon us. Also of great note, the new E.P. by the UK's DiE, British hardcore just the way I like it done, the forthcoming/new 1959 by Ellorsith (Caligari Records), and an excellent CD reissue of Bernard Szajner's Visions of Dune, a 1979 work by the French synthesist, as good or better than his classic Some Deaths Take Forever (1980), the former wholly unknown to me until now.

To peruse this week's program archive, read the comments, and hear me retool an old Elton John favorite, click above, on the lovely Clara, from Neil Jordan's Byzantium.

Thanks for listening!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Not a whole lot of metal this week, one choice, solid set pretty much, but I move toward and away from things on a daily basis. I did drive home listening with great enjoyment to the 2013 album by Siculicidium--punk-fired bm, great driving music, with trumpet solos and other unexpected loftiness--suffice it to say that I haven't played it nearly enough on the week!

I'm always pleased to find that Castleheads take the ride with me, wherever I may go.

Playlist comments went out once again to the new and truly outstanding Spitzenqualität, as well as a new track from Moonknight, an excellent piece from a forthcoming tape release from Ellorsith, the ubiquitous (in Castle terms) Klaus Schulze, and amazing, new releases from Moth Cock and Lussuria.

...and thanks also to Felix of DA for all the excellent film discourse!

That pussy is out to get you! Click up top for this week's horrorcast™ archive.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My mother is crying you son of bitch.

Click above for this week's horrorcast™ archive. ...Image from Guinea Pig 1: Devil's Experiment, a very romantic film, in the spirit of this week's show title. ...Can you really say that you love someone if you've never hung them in a bag overnight, or spun them in a chair until they were sick?

Thanks as always for listening!