Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Not a whole lot of metal this week, one choice, solid set pretty much, but I move toward and away from things on a daily basis. I did drive home listening with great enjoyment to the 2013 album by Siculicidium--punk-fired bm, great driving music, with trumpet solos and other unexpected loftiness--suffice it to say that I haven't played it nearly enough on the week!

I'm always pleased to find that Castleheads take the ride with me, wherever I may go.

Playlist comments went out once again to the new and truly outstanding Spitzenqualität, as well as a new track from Moonknight, an excellent piece from a forthcoming tape release from Ellorsith, the ubiquitous (in Castle terms) Klaus Schulze, and amazing, new releases from Moth Cock and Lussuria.

...and thanks also to Felix of DA for all the excellent film discourse!

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