Monday, February 24, 2014

WFMU Marathon 2014 under way and accepting your generous pledges. ...'s that time of year again, for us at MCoQ, it means reminding you, the devoted Castlehead, which side your black bread is buttered on, and who you can count on, week after week, for the ugly, dark, dreary, encrusted sounds we research and provide gladly for your icky pleasure. The WFMU 2014 'thon started earlier today, and will continue for two full weeks, culminating in the usual amped-up, madcap karaoke party at WFMU HQ as per usual (in which I will be singing as well.)

Despite the great diversity on the WFMU airwaves, from broadcaster to broadcaster, one thing can be counted on, and that's the hardcore enthusiasm with which every show is prepared and executed, like The Dusty Show, Reggae Schoolroom, Blurred and Obscured, or My Castle of Quiet, to cite just a few of my personal favorites. Every WFMU DJ is an absolute fanatic about what they present every week on air, and it's a labour of love and compulsive energy that makes every show happen—indifference or casualness never being part of the picture. Whatever we're nuts about, be it Dave The Spazz's show or Sinner's Crossroads, we're BATSHIT nuts about it, and therein lies the drive that holds the WFMU schedule together like a mighty psychic glue.

We're eternally grateful that we need not, thanks to our devoted listeners, ever kowtow to corporate support (which would inevitably lead to corporate dictates), though the occasional big power has been very generous with us, asking nothing but our continuance in return, bless 'em. But it's YOU, the WFMU listener, that keeps us rolling along for the most part, with your amazing, selfless, generous donations year after year, both during our relatively new Web-based "silent" fundraiser, and this of which I now speak, our annual, two week, big-magilla fundraiser wherein we put all the massive energy—a given, yearly event, like our record fair, and our out-of-town participation in musical festivals and the other crucial events of WFMU's year, this, without a doubt, being the MOST CRUCIAL.

So, if you want to donate specifically to My Castle of Quiet, and let your pledge be associated with the station's weekly home of black metal, horror scores, haunting/instrumental noizemusik, post-industrial weirdness, free improv and the like, HERE is the mighty widget through which to make your pledge specifically to MCoQ. (click on "PLEDGE") Pledge during our three-hour, on-air show for the next two weeks, and you'll be thanked on-air, and be eligible for the per-shift prizes and giveaways (this year we have some doozies, be assured!) In addition, any pledge to this program of US $75 or more, and you automatically get our WFMU t-shirt, as well as the My Castle of Quiet premium, exclusive CDr, compiled by your host—The East Orange Ripper. More info on the premium... It's comprised of all rare tracks ripped from cassette (hence the title), and used by permission, from Déficit Des Années Antérieures (DDAA), Jabladav, Zwaertgevegt Label (the bands Stink and Vartanian), Cryptic Carousel (Towering Heroic Dudes), Slasher Risk, Putrid Servant, Telecult Powers (Temple of Pei), Kr Grauwacke (Diskret records), and Onkunde (The Throat tapes.)

Tomorrow night (now tonight), Castle-fundraiser show #1 starts at midnight ET, and my co-host will be listener/friend/fan and fellow WFMU air personality, all-around good guy Jason Sigal. Looking forward to working with Jason, and watching your pledges of support for My Castle of Quiet and the mighty bastion of free-form and oasis of Northeast-US creative radio that is WFMU roll in. Thank you in advance, HAILS!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My snow fort of quiet!
Please click on the -once you've seen it, you can't unsee it- image above, from Rats - Notte di terrore, to access the playlist page, view the comments, and most importantly hear the archive of this week's show.

Next week will find us slam bang in the middle of the 2014 WFMU Marathon fundraiser—my co-host for week #1—the honorable Mr. Jason Sigal (not to be at all confused with the onanistic Mr. Jason Segel, star of film and television.)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Thursday, February 6, 2014

castle of quiet is my favorite show. eat shit i love you
Obviously, returning to live music on air was the RIGHT CHOICE for My Castle of Quiet, and our guests Ubasute were the stars of the night; their set ferocious and possessing, and their many enthused supporters dominating the playlist comments as well. It always makes it more fun to feel like there are people "at the party," rather than just me spinning records.

Interestingly enough, I looked deeper into the band's name, and one fan's assertion that it meant "throwing away Grandma," finding this page, which discusses the phenom in real-world terms, and also mentions a film, The Ballad of Narayama, which has been made twice, and the '83/'84 version is rentable from Netflix. Added to queue. ...

...A general tone of irreverence ruled the night, and some felt the need to call me a "faggot" or a "pussy," either on the playlist, or in private mails sent during the show. My fault perhaps, for declaring that my lens was set to receive hostility with even the slightest suggestion. Was that what it was about? Or do we need to get all the noise pussy-faggots and metal jerkdicks in one room and hold a summit about this? It all fits inside The Castle, and those early-a.m. European listeners especially like our last hour, where I pretty much played 8- to 14-min. noise and electronic cuts and sat there by myself in the dark, the band and engineer Ernie long gone, headed home in the snowstorm. I stopped at White Castle on the way, ice chips raining down, and hoped for my own self-applied Ubasute, but alas, I made it home.

Click on the iconic, disturbing shot from E. Klimov's Come and See, to reach the audio archives and playlist from this week's Castle, featuring Ubasute's sterling performance.

Monday, February 3, 2014


After a six-month, self-imposed hiatus from WFMU's weekly air, and no live music since July 2013, My Castle of Quiet returns with our first live band in a long while—Ubasute, north-Jersey based grind maestros extraordinaire. With almost weekly sets at Montclair venue The Meatlocker, Ubasute have been honing their sound, tightening up, and are rough and ready to spin Castle listeners dizzy with a live set Tuesday night/Weds. a.m.

Insanely hardworking, also having released two vinyl records (a split w/locals Dutchguts, each band, amongst originals, contributing a Townes Van Zandt tribute/cover song), and the one-sided LP Tyranny Garden (soon to be remixed and reissued as a two-sider), Ubasute prove that grind is alive and well in NJ, and their songbook pushes the boundaries and conventions of the genre, both with their sound, and in their unconventional choice of associated graphic images. Viz: 
We rode out our original weekly tenure at the station with a set by the great Psychic Limb, some of you may recall, and it seems only appropriate that we christen the "new" ship with yet another grind band, though this time from the seesaw-end of the genre from PL; with tapes, wild, catchy songs and arrangements, and Alex "Mountain Mover" Caprio's hysterical, man-in-a-tornado vocals. (Scroll down to track 4 of that linked Castle archive to hear some of Alex's solo work.)

Though our street address was given in the original Facebook announcement for the event, please note that this performance is solidly a radio event, and is not open to the public—sorry! Enjoy from the comfort of your snowed-in domicile, via radio, computer, tablet-top or handheld device.

I jog past the spirit of Philip Seymour Hoffman, cautiously, @ 12 mid.
Ubasute (pronounced ooo-ba-soo-tay) @ 12:30 a.m. approx.
WMFU 90.1FM (Hudson Valley)
in Rockland County @ 91.9FM LIVE on thee Web.