Thursday, February 6, 2014

castle of quiet is my favorite show. eat shit i love you
Obviously, returning to live music on air was the RIGHT CHOICE for My Castle of Quiet, and our guests Ubasute were the stars of the night; their set ferocious and possessing, and their many enthused supporters dominating the playlist comments as well. It always makes it more fun to feel like there are people "at the party," rather than just me spinning records.

Interestingly enough, I looked deeper into the band's name, and one fan's assertion that it meant "throwing away Grandma," finding this page, which discusses the phenom in real-world terms, and also mentions a film, The Ballad of Narayama, which has been made twice, and the '83/'84 version is rentable from Netflix. Added to queue. ...

...A general tone of irreverence ruled the night, and some felt the need to call me a "faggot" or a "pussy," either on the playlist, or in private mails sent during the show. My fault perhaps, for declaring that my lens was set to receive hostility with even the slightest suggestion. Was that what it was about? Or do we need to get all the noise pussy-faggots and metal jerkdicks in one room and hold a summit about this? It all fits inside The Castle, and those early-a.m. European listeners especially like our last hour, where I pretty much played 8- to 14-min. noise and electronic cuts and sat there by myself in the dark, the band and engineer Ernie long gone, headed home in the snowstorm. I stopped at White Castle on the way, ice chips raining down, and hoped for my own self-applied Ubasute, but alas, I made it home.

Click on the iconic, disturbing shot from E. Klimov's Come and See, to reach the audio archives and playlist from this week's Castle, featuring Ubasute's sterling performance.