Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I kinda like the combination of werewolf howls and grammatical discussions.

Keith Moon we lose tragically young, at 32...and we get 38 *more* years of the "geezer" Daltrey, and "I Am a Woman" Pete Townshend (remember that? It really happened, in 1990; Townshend declared himself to be woman, as I recall there was even a press conference; though many have now forgotten this odd tidbit of Who history.) the time, a female colleague @ WFMU, who shall remain unnamed, said, "just because he's taken it up the ass a few times, doesn't mean he knows anything about being a woman.")

We always get the shit tradeoff; we lose MLK, both Kennedys...yet they manage to save Reagan in the operating theatre. Just saying. Can the proles have our day yet? Fuck sake.

On to last night's horrorcast™, there was a lot to like apparently for the 'heads; my mini-happy birthday to Moonie opening bloc was followed by something from Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism by Immortal, to my ears a regular go-to of the Norwegian giants' catalog:

Also currying favor were several selections of chaotic, lo-fi "black-a-billy" from Negromancy ...

The Cabbageheads | Finished | The Bear Faced Boy | Misery Ritual | Dip Apple ... we also heard more from the new Jucifer | a great 2015 tape-title selection from Lea Bertucci
[Lea live on My Castle of Quiet, Oct. 2012] ...

Our still this week comes from The Forest (1982), yet another chunk of American cinematic low culture—from virtually the golden age for such things—and probably worth a look if you fancy a camper/slasher tale with a prevailing "supernatural baloney" centerpiece.

Click on the image up top to reach the streaming audio, accuplaylist and listener remarks for last night's My Castle of Quiet.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

this is the shit, from my perspective.

My Mac is at a crawl, either protesting the climate, its own planned obsolescence via Apple (2009, so ANCIENT), or it *could be* the dramatic volume of music and movies stored locally (yeah, yeah, "get a backup drive" ... I have one & it's FULL.) So, must try to keep this internal review short.

We kicked off last night's horrorcast™ with a project I've been following with enthusiasm, Funeral Art, from Guatemala, who put forth a very unique blend of neoclassical, dark ambient, and raw black metal elements. This track is an MCoQ exclusive, slated for 2017 release. ...Our first set, aka "the shit," aka Music For a Sweating, plodded forth with tracks by Evoken, Aun, Eyehategod, classic Pain Teens, and yes, Candlemass. (I'm preparing you all for that night when I play Heart's "Mistral Wind," and no one is surprised.)

Other highlights included a track from the queasy, arcane blackmetal noise-mess of Chernobog | a 2010 favored chestnut from The Communion | dynamite new sounds from Finished (rising from the ashes of Tinsel Teeth, with Gyna Bootleg on vocals—can't hardly wait for a personal copy of the Load LP, avail. for pre-order) | an older song by Ramlord (a new split LP, also a pre-order, from Broken Limbs) | new Black Panties 12" on Lumpy | new, improvised post-Kraut electronics from Brooklyn's Mind Machine | hard head noise from NJ's Lead Sprinkler

There was a lot more ... click up top, on that final, exhausted scene from Jeremy Saulnier's Green Room, to reach the playlist, streaming audio, record art, and listener comments for last night's My Castle of Quiet program. As always, thanks for taking the ride with me.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

*chirp chirp chirp chirp*

"Write what you know." ...and that's what I'll be trying to do, reading what I know—horror film that is, its "dont's," its preposterous clichés, praising the praiseworthy and fighting the good fight against impervious poltergeists, among other asides—my virgin voyage aboard WFMU's Literary Guild Meetup events, with readings by a delightful assortment of my colleagues as well. All happens tomorrow night @ 7 p.m., at KGB Bar & Lit Mag, 85 E 4th St., NYC; more info below.

As to our horrorcast™ this week, I'll be keeping it brief, that said, songs by Alraune | Cirrhus | Moloch stirred the faithful. I quite liked our excursions into ritual dark ambient whatever, with longer selections by Ateh Gibor Le'olam Shaitan, and Mortiis

Our screen capture this week comes from Mickey Keating's Darling, a visually engaging modern meditation on Roman Polanski's Repulsion, with a star-qual. performance by the lovely Lauren Ashley Carter (seen above.) Click there to reach the archived audio, playlist, and listener comments for this week's My Castle of Quiet program.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I'm screaming

"You're goin' drip drip drip on mah radio, AM radio, PM radio ..."

As we move through the summer, the stagnancy of same lifting and then returning, life goes on oblivious, the wheels turn and the gears churn, hope blinks at us from the horizon. The dog gets walked. The broken gets repaired. I ease into the uniform of track pants and band t-shirts, saving those buttoned-down patterns for days when I might "see people."

Tons o' fun last night, employed my tried-and-true "start off hard, get black, then get noisy" formulae; listeners were dazzled by selections from Vile Gash | Sunrot ("Trigger Warning," a ferocious ass-kick of a song; fingers crossed, Sunrot joins us live later this summer) | Exhaustion | True Love ... a few more personal highlights; Fugazi's First Demo | Absolute Power | the Green Room original motion picture soundtrack (we heard songs from Midnight, Battletorn, and Brooke & Will Blair) | The Communion | Mauler | The Spitters (Legendary NYC Stooges-Jesus Lizard-Birthday Party-style teetotalers, fronted by the late Mark Ashwill, a founding member of Missing Foundation) | Tzantza | Haxen | Beackon | Crowhurst | Triac | Sonic Poison | Verminaard | selections by Leah P & Circuit Wound from Stray Dog II | ruiner. | Lead Sprinkler—those last two both have a fine selection of harsh-noise digital album work available online & worth your time...

Lastly, our friends One Master are finishing up their tour with Bog of the Infidel this Saturday night @ Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn; see that link^ for show locations and times between now and then; they are playing a different city every night...

Our screen capture this week returns us to the recent, well-crafted horror-comedy Ava's Possessions; click up top to stream the audio archive, peep the playlist, and read listener comments for last night's horrorcast™.