Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I'm screaming

"You're goin' drip drip drip on mah radio, AM radio, PM radio ..."

As we move through the summer, the stagnancy of same lifting and then returning, life goes on oblivious, the wheels turn and the gears churn, hope blinks at us from the horizon. The dog gets walked. The broken gets repaired. I ease into the uniform of track pants and band t-shirts, saving those buttoned-down patterns for days when I might "see people."

Tons o' fun last night, employed my tried-and-true "start off hard, get black, then get noisy" formulae; listeners were dazzled by selections from Vile Gash | Sunrot ("Trigger Warning," a ferocious ass-kick of a song; fingers crossed, Sunrot joins us live later this summer) | Exhaustion | True Love ... a few more personal highlights; Fugazi's First Demo | Absolute Power | the Green Room original motion picture soundtrack (we heard songs from Midnight, Battletorn, and Brooke & Will Blair) | The Communion | Mauler | The Spitters (Legendary NYC Stooges-Jesus Lizard-Birthday Party-style teetotalers, fronted by the late Mark Ashwill, a founding member of Missing Foundation) | Tzantza | Haxen | Beackon | Crowhurst | Triac | Sonic Poison | Verminaard | selections by Leah P & Circuit Wound from Stray Dog II | ruiner. | Lead Sprinkler—those last two both have a fine selection of harsh-noise digital album work available online & worth your time...

Lastly, our friends One Master are finishing up their tour with Bog of the Infidel this Saturday night @ Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn; see that link^ for show locations and times between now and then; they are playing a different city every night...

Our screen capture this week returns us to the recent, well-crafted horror-comedy Ava's Possessions; click up top to stream the audio archive, peep the playlist, and read listener comments for last night's horrorcast™.

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