Thursday, January 28, 2010

it's nice to fall asleep to.

Ah, sleep. That good sleep, the final one, the one that lasts forever.

Commiseration with Kraut-vibes under a sheet of dirty ice. Punk rock in an unholy dance with blackened Oi!; all this, and black-metal pizza bagels—because life is full of silliness, too! Analog squeedles, hammering 2/4, and casual hobnobbing* with C Lavender—such was the stuff of last night's horrorcast.

Click on the sad, confused young mother from The Silent Scream above, both to see her wiggle at the end of that rope via animated gif, as well as to access the playlist and streaming audio of last night's Castle program.

Starring the perennial Sand, Hellvete, Grinning Death's Head, that awesome new Skullflower double CD, Haare (again!), and Fluorescent Vibes (coming to the Castle 3/31!)

*incl. tinfoil-hat jams

Thursday, January 21, 2010

no screen door?

Noise and metal—like chips and salsa. Mmmmmm!!!

On last night's horrorcast, Explosive Improvised Device (aka Anthony Saunders) proved himself yet again to be a masterful sonic sculptor. Anthony also proved himself to be a huge metal and pedal geek. Ha! A sweet guy, who played two sweet sets of crushing electronics, which will post as mp3s this coming Tuesday to WFMU's Beware of The Blog and Free Music Archive (also see my FMA curator page.) In the meantime, you can click on the savory image above to access the playlist and streaming audio of last night's show.

I was so utterly convinced last night that it was Rula Lenska who played the dress-lifting, sac-tearing, fetus-licking Nola in The Brood; I even said as much to Anthony. Of course I awoke this morning with the absolute certainty of my error, that it was in fact Samantha Eggar! Some horror expert! Maybe I was having a Rock Follies flashback—happens sometimes.

Last night's horrorcast also starred Family Treasures, Disgorge, Demilich, Funebrarum, Penetration Camp, Philippe Petit, Nuclear Death and Blasphemophagher.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Already plotting his takeover of my show with a set of metal and grind, Anthony Saunders aka Explosive Improvised Device will also actually be performing on tonight's horrorcast, a process that involves feeding back WFMU's Studio B monitors at close to 90 dB. Engineer Glenn L and I will be there, giggling with delight, and laughing at you because you're not there.

But you can listen.

Castle doors rupture open @ 8.
EID @ 9.
WMFU-FM 90.1 Hudson Valley

Image: "Color Thorns" by Anthony Saunders

I Will Live Only Within the Fraction of a Second That Is This Moment - A My Castle of Quiet Companion

A Buddhist ideal, with attempted application to a lifetime of almost complete devotion to unnecessary obsession. I AM trying, though, and it's time to start dangling the bloodstained fishhook of my 2010 WFMU Marathon/fundraiser premium—mostly just because the contributions have been rolling in, and I'm putting the sequence together, listening, and getting excited.

Rather than create a premium from my personal archives (which many of my colleagues do, and it's a fine idea; we are, after all, tweaky collector types; in fact, I already have two premium ideas stowed for future years), I opted to pull together some artists that have been featured on, played live on, and/or just generally been embraced by the radio show (and in some cases vice versa.)

I Will Live Only Within the Fraction of a Second That Is This Moment - A My Castle of Quiet Companion, will feature exclusive tracks by Liturgy, Grasshopper, Enslaved by Owls, Jabladav, Telecult Powers, CM, Kevin Shields, Caldera Lakes, Slasher Risk (Ramones cover!), and Umberto, with more TBA. The image you see above is just my not-even-a-mock-up, using a found photo, created solely because I can't stand looking at a naked clef in iTunes. The REAL, FINAL, AWESOME, MUCH-BETTER-THAN-THIS sleeve insert artwork will be done by wonderful NY-based painter and gig-flyer artist extraordinaire Caroline Teagle.

The WFMU 2010 Marathon runs from March 1-14.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm covered in tears too!

The Living Dead Girl laps at the torn throat of her lover. "Hélène! Hélène!," she cries, while Hélène's life force drips down her ruddy face. Blood is love, obviously.

Click on TLDG to access the playlist and audio archive of last night's horrorcast™, starring Yellow Tears, David Bowie, the Chimebag, Darvulia, Taylor Bow, Paid in Puke, Panther Modern and Two Years on Welfare.

(That TYoW link is the first of what will hopefully be a prodigious MCoQ channel on vimeo. I have an amazing Towering Heroic Dudes video as well, but it keeps uploading with frame upside down! I wish only to be the Jonas Mekas of Brooklyn noise. Should I aim higher? Tech experts pls. help. RAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! - ed.)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

They will die well, not in vain.

What to say about Malkuth? They scorch the earth before them. Intense power, and explosive, melodic guitar interplay. Malkuth were the obvious dark stars of last night's My Castle of Quiet, and their full set will post this coming Tuesday to WFMU's Beware of The Blog and Free Music Archive. What a way to start off 2010. Also starring Abscond, Bleak, Jabladav, Pink Mist, Haare and Drip House.

Thanks to Jason, Daniel and Gabriel for helping me out last night.

Tracy and Kerry may look like nerdy-girl heaven, and indeed they are for the fortunate few, but beware—they also have rifles, buck knives, wire coathangers and Drano. "Nutcracker" indeed. You might just be able to slip past them to get to the playlist and audio archive of last night's horrorcast™. Good luck.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wed. 1/6 --- Malkuth Come to the Castle!

Shantidas from amourtout / Aluk Todolo / Diamatregon said to me over the summer, "we come from France to play gig with Mal-koot." Later that night, I found out why. These guys just plain kill. Malkuth manage to be somehow very footed in traditional black metal, while really bringing something new and bone-rattling to the genre at the same time.

Don't miss it, kids.

Castle doors creak open @ 8 p.m. ET.
Malkuth @ 9 approx.
91.1 FM NY/NJ; 90.1 Hudson Valley; live on the Web @

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Feed, Over @ Baked Tapes

Baked Tapes mogul Jesse DeRosa (aka Pork Loin, and 1/2 of the man-monster that is Grasshopper) has been putting up his personal archive of live-recorded electronics and noise etc.—basically hours and hours of in-browser listening enjoyment, featuring so many great and noteworthy bands/artists/projects as to render me way too lazy to type and link all of their names (you've heard many of them on the Castle.)

Just check it out, horror heads ---
>>>The Feed<<<