Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm covered in tears too!

The Living Dead Girl laps at the torn throat of her lover. "Hélène! Hélène!," she cries, while Hélène's life force drips down her ruddy face. Blood is love, obviously.

Click on TLDG to access the playlist and audio archive of last night's horrorcast™, starring Yellow Tears, David Bowie, the Chimebag, Darvulia, Taylor Bow, Paid in Puke, Panther Modern and Two Years on Welfare.

(That TYoW link is the first of what will hopefully be a prodigious MCoQ channel on vimeo. I have an amazing Towering Heroic Dudes video as well, but it keeps uploading with frame upside down! I wish only to be the Jonas Mekas of Brooklyn noise. Should I aim higher? Tech experts pls. help. RAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! - ed.)


  1. Hi, William! I wanted to send you some original music, but I'm not sure about the method that you prefer. If you go to
    you can listen to some samples. I have some more recent stuff that I'm going to put up soon, and I'm especially proud of a tribute to Tarkovsky that I just finished. My stuff is psychedelic noise/dark ambient with a strong horror soundtrack/electronic influence, but I also work with some black metal sounds/atmospheres as well. Thanks again for your excellent blog, especially the screenshots and live broadcasts from WFMU.