Thursday, January 28, 2010

it's nice to fall asleep to.

Ah, sleep. That good sleep, the final one, the one that lasts forever.

Commiseration with Kraut-vibes under a sheet of dirty ice. Punk rock in an unholy dance with blackened Oi!; all this, and black-metal pizza bagels—because life is full of silliness, too! Analog squeedles, hammering 2/4, and casual hobnobbing* with C Lavender—such was the stuff of last night's horrorcast.

Click on the sad, confused young mother from The Silent Scream above, both to see her wiggle at the end of that rope via animated gif, as well as to access the playlist and streaming audio of last night's Castle program.

Starring the perennial Sand, Hellvete, Grinning Death's Head, that awesome new Skullflower double CD, Haare (again!), and Fluorescent Vibes (coming to the Castle 3/31!)

*incl. tinfoil-hat jams

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