Monday, February 1, 2010

Album of the Day - Facialmess / The Madcap Barely Smiles (Spite tapes, 1997)

Time to share some music. Big thanks Anthony Saunders, Mr. apfEID, for drawing my attention to this little monster of a harsh-noise cassette, released in 1997.

Facialmess hurt. They get right-up-in-your-face annoying at times, like that kid in class who just refuses to shut up. A brat that needs beating on. And speaking of a beating—lay this over beats—and you could attach widgets all day while listening, until your eyes revealed the void, and your mind took leave forever. A delicious envelopment of merciless mind crunch. Serious shit, and I don't think it's ever been shared online before....

>>>Facialmess - The Madcap Barely Smiles

Facialmess (aka Kenny Sanderson) on MySpace.


  1. Thanks for making this available....

  2. That's cool, I'm glad you don't mind! I made sure to create a high-quality rip.