Sunday, February 28, 2010

Get on your best togs and come out!

Listener SiHv suggested once that I put up the "Castle mail" on this blog (i.e., Castle-friendly event announcements)—well here's a hot one, and it's tonight. Two of the heavy electronics artists I've been playing a lot, both on the radio and at home, are blasting it out this eve in a 3-way collaboration --- Opponents and Family Treasures, on the same bill with our good friend Paul Haney, playing in his solo config as Rust Worship (member of Enerver and Towering Heroic Dudes, and my guest for a Noise Bliss-Out several weeks ago.) Also playing tonight, Ala Muerte (1/2 of Creeplings, who've been captivating my attention of late as well.)

It's all happening @ 13-1 Thames St. (Psy-Op studios) in Brooklyn.

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