Monday, February 8, 2010

Here Come the Dudes

Towering Heroic Dudes perform live on the Castle, this Wednesday....

The Brooklyn-noise supergroup (yes, it's been said, now keep moving) create a triumphant, layered and complex din, descendant of early electroacoustic ensembles like AMM and Scratch Orchestra. (Think AMM's '66-'68 live sessions, through an American, pocket-tee filter.) No source seems to be off the table, as prerecorded signals are warped, an electric bass suggests resonant "follow me" tones, a turntable gets abused, an alto gets whipped out, and digital doo-dads, keyboards and guitar amps generally get the crap beaten out of them (and are occasionally coddled.) THD (as they are economically known) did not start out as a bunch of dudes, oh no, and their lineup has shifted over the years around the energetic constant of Neil Vendrick (Another Tombstone Dream, Random Tapes), who's currently flanked by Nathan Rulli (Laurel Craig, Enerver, head of Abandon Ship records) and Paul Haney (Rust Worship, Enerver, head of Obsolete Units records.) You can click here to view a dark, upside-down video I shot of a recent Dudes' live set on the My Castle of Quiet vimeo channel (the audio is sweet, though!) THD have CDrs out on Obsolete Units and Phase! Records, as well as a tape on Cryptic Carousel.

Castle doors creak open @ 8.
Dudes @ 9-ish.
WMFU-FM 90.1 Hudson Valley

Photo by your author/host.

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