Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saint Death Is Here

You know you have it coming, and Saint Death does, too.

SD is the new collaboration between myself and Andy Borsz of the famed Slasher Risk (that's him above right; he keeps fit.) Me, I'm an old goat, and I need to dust off the cloak and get out more. I think it will be good, our first gig, that is. Andy's a strong improviser, and I'm chuffed that he asked.

And by the way it's TOMORROW NIGHT at Bar Matchless, 557 Manhattan Ave., in Brooklyn. Here's the lineup ---

9:00 - Trans World
(Sara Cavic of Slasher Risk and Brian Osborne (Heat Retention Records))
9:45 - Saint Death
10:30 - Loose Limbs
11:15 - Sleng Teng

Perhaps best of all, it's free, so more drinking $ for YOU.

Thanks to Brian Osborne.

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunatly I live light years from this place. Maybe some recordings will rise to the surface?