Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Bag of Batteries

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Saint Death gig last night. Trans World and Sleng Teng did wonderful sets as well. Andy and I had a great time///and speaking of Andy, I'd like my collaborator Mr. Borsz to give his considerable titling talents to the full breadth of last night's 31-min. Saint Death set—but in the meantime...

Here's an excerpt—the final 7 mins.—which for these purposes I'll simply call "A Bag of Batteries" ---

Saint Death - A Bag of Batteries

Drawing of Saint Death by Lukas Hein.


  1. That bag of batteries could re-animate the corpse of a Wooly Mammoth.

    Also, the sound quality is surprisingly good. The depth is discernible.

  2. I was thinking of it more as a bludgeon...the bag, that is.

  3. Like a full-body massage for my Brain.