Thursday, December 31, 2009

Who? I know not of Jonathan Richman.

Bliss-Out #2 was a smashing, crashing, screeching, roaring, rumbling, pulsating, droning, intermittently bleating success. It was also (in this damnable week btwn the "have a good time" holidays) basically a night off for me, Obsolete Units' Paul Haney making most of the selections, and they were all great ones (I did get a few swings in there.)

It was like one of those days where you go in to work before a holiday, and don't really have to do all that much but eat snacks and talk to people. But ah, I'm showing my age, as we all know companies don't DO that anymore. Someday, we will take to the street with torches, but by then it may be too late.

Fuck, look at that pic. Been staring at this one for years, from Seijun Suzuki's Gate of Flesh. The potency and pride of the female spirit; she's richly sexual, and also about to kick your ass. Click on her colors for access to the playlist and streaming audio for last night's horrorcast.

Thanks again, Paul.

Starring everyone. Happy 2010! Fuck the past!

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