Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hey, last night's horrorcast™ was fine! Better than fine—it was great! Why did I think it sucked? Oh right, because I suck. I am a well of pain. Some would say that well is gurgling over with concern only for myself. They'd say other, worse things, too—things that can't be taken back.

I live. I get through the hours. "Gotta Do What You Can," one of my old favorite bands used to sing. "Can't do it, baby, if you can't." That is my anthem these days.

Things can also be tough at the neon-lit Taipei sex emporium, one of so very many. Especially when the rain just won't stop. Click on that green, glowy baphomet to get to the playlist and archived audio for last night's show.

Starring Yellow Swans, Infernal Stronghold, Malveillance, and Shearing Pinx. And many more.

(privé --- I have a shift key, too, you psycho.)

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