Monday, December 14, 2009

Subsistence, harsch.

I' ; the L indicates n' import what with n' be essential which that j' like. I' ; the L testifies with your divorce, against you. I feel horrible for your son, am to you also shitty a father who you are a friend. You are a nonripe bitch of whiny which acts like a woman if n' import which makes, an egoistic puncture concerned only by yourself. You' ; about d' one kisses and d' I' sournesses; patient of m with died of you, j' liked to make l' exposure but I really don' ; T give a shit which much. Get stuffed never by doing it or by listening to him still. Are a large bag of ugly punch thus you disappear can have of what you have need. Subsistence thinking your illusory thoughts. Don' ; T obtain a work. I don' ; T want to hear of him more, kiss you, your problems, and your pain. Cease pretending to you give a shit, you' ; about d' a sociopath. Since you believe in demons (you child) why don' ; T you gather you carry jusqu' with l' hell? You' ; D is happier there.


  1. William, I have to ask:

    Is this a translation, or just a quirky way or writing?--it's fucked up either way, but almost Dada.

  2. These are some words a former friend wrote to me that were designed to be very hurtful. I sent them, three times, English>French>English, through Yahoo's Babelfish translator.

  3. you must be really centered to post for all to see--the tension and judgment/pejoratives are pretty obvious, but he stilted way Babelfish rendered it makes it truly unsettling...

    thanks for sharing, fellow traveler...

  4. You're mistaking "just doesn't give a shit" for "centered," but thanks anyway. Glad you got the intended vibration of the post.