Thursday, December 24, 2009

Quick, roll for initiative!

Last night's show was good, if I say so myself. And before you start to sing "ego, there you go"—I give substantial credit to C Lavender, who kept me from falling off the edge of the multiverse as I usually do (banging my head all the way down.)

What's with the fucking attack on my playlist of Varg Vikernes and his prison-bound presets? For shame, boys. White-supremacist, ex-con musical genius/prodigies are such an easy target!

Starring that deadly new Slither LP, that creepy/proggy Weirding Module tape, Haare, and motherfucking Physical Demon. Sorry, I'm in a sweary mood today. Click on the gas-masked fool from Lifespan above to see the playlist and hear the audio stream of last night's horrorcast.

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