Monday, February 3, 2014


After a six-month, self-imposed hiatus from WFMU's weekly air, and no live music since July 2013, My Castle of Quiet returns with our first live band in a long while—Ubasute, north-Jersey based grind maestros extraordinaire. With almost weekly sets at Montclair venue The Meatlocker, Ubasute have been honing their sound, tightening up, and are rough and ready to spin Castle listeners dizzy with a live set Tuesday night/Weds. a.m.

Insanely hardworking, also having released two vinyl records (a split w/locals Dutchguts, each band, amongst originals, contributing a Townes Van Zandt tribute/cover song), and the one-sided LP Tyranny Garden (soon to be remixed and reissued as a two-sider), Ubasute prove that grind is alive and well in NJ, and their songbook pushes the boundaries and conventions of the genre, both with their sound, and in their unconventional choice of associated graphic images. Viz: 
We rode out our original weekly tenure at the station with a set by the great Psychic Limb, some of you may recall, and it seems only appropriate that we christen the "new" ship with yet another grind band, though this time from the seesaw-end of the genre from PL; with tapes, wild, catchy songs and arrangements, and Alex "Mountain Mover" Caprio's hysterical, man-in-a-tornado vocals. (Scroll down to track 4 of that linked Castle archive to hear some of Alex's solo work.)

Though our street address was given in the original Facebook announcement for the event, please note that this performance is solidly a radio event, and is not open to the public—sorry! Enjoy from the comfort of your snowed-in domicile, via radio, computer, tablet-top or handheld device.

I jog past the spirit of Philip Seymour Hoffman, cautiously, @ 12 mid.
Ubasute (pronounced ooo-ba-soo-tay) @ 12:30 a.m. approx.
WMFU 90.1FM (Hudson Valley)
in Rockland County @ 91.9FM LIVE on thee Web.

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