Friday, January 31, 2014

,,,,izzit coffinated?,,,or or nnnnoooo itz alive!!!

Being buried alive does not negate attractiveness in the extreme, especially when you are firmly planted in the natural breast-full lipped universe of 70s Eurosploitation / ultra-weirdness. Does this girl get out of her dirty entombment? Is she re-cast as a vampire? Do we care? It hardly seems to matter, in The Reincarnation of Isabel, one of those Salvation Films-released, visually rich, richly naked movies we all love soooo much.

Thanks for listening this week; I had the usual great time with the music, and things flowed pretty naturally. Praise for:

early ULVER | LORD TIME's newest | Echoes Within The Attic | Artemeiv's original Solaris score, reissued

...more essential reissues from Superior Viaduct

We return in earnest to live music in real time with a session from Ubasute. Make sure to join us! (That's the Facebook event link.)

Click on the unfortunate Christa, buried alive (but still looking fabulous!), to reach the archived audio and playlist / comments for this week's My Castle of Quiet show.

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