Monday, January 13, 2014

ONE MASTER - LIVE in the CASTLE of QUIET; ltd. tape, due out by the end of the month, from No Visible Scars!

I am fiercely proud; for the first time, a full, live My Castle of Quiet session, by the phenomenal One Master, will see a legit label release at the end of January from the terrific—and oft-celebrated on our show—No Visible Scars label. It was a fantastic session, and to see it receive this treatment from the band and from NVS, my shoulder compatriots, both the one in white with the wings (he's usually not too busy, hehe), and the one in red with the pitchfork, are both dancing, and wildly at that!

Up top, the tape cover, and here are links to NVS, on Facebook -, blogspot - and bandcamp - so that one can purchase the limited cassette as it drops.

Here also, is the review/"look back" I wrote about the session, when it was all still fresh and strongly in mind - ... Pretty keen on the post title, too, I've always been!~

Many, many thanks to Bill C. of NVS, Ryan, Lord Valder, and the other gents from One Master, and to session engineer Juan Aboites for mixing the session with his high skills and expertise, the same that he's always applied to the many Castle sessions he's helmed.

Gratzi, gratzi~ The finest in USBM, presented as it is so often on The Castle, this time rendered with musical expertise and the utmost force and brutality. Thanks, gents! ...What I do occasionally matters, and herein lieth the proof!

...Please also remember that One Master's previous two full-lengths are available, albeit in very limited quantity (as well as the Eviscerate CD, also on Eternal Death), at the Prison Tatt Records distro.

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