Sunday, January 19, 2014

I smell like fetid water and am ripping off my flesh (sic) anticipation!!!!
Last night's quite (quiet)-by-chance "blackout"—nothing but crazed metal tracks, for a solid three hours. ...

Honors to:

BURNING WITCH | STRIBORG (one-man, Tasmanian DSBM of the highest order) |
YELLOW EYES (one track from a new two-song EP, The Desert Mourns, just officially released, and top-shelf, as usual)

The Castle returns to WFMU this coming Tuesday night @ midnight, in our new, permanent slot (I'm indebted to Mary Wing, for switching shifts with me when I really needed to.)

Thanks for listening, and for following this radio program, wherever it may go. Click on the "pretty face of Bruno Ganz" (according to listener Aurélie E), from the late-70s classic Messer im Kopf, aka Knife in the Head, to access the playlist, comments, and audio archive of last night's My Castle of Quiet.

And those people, always looking—why do they glare? "You got a problem wit' your eyes?" How can they be so sharp, as dedicated members of THE HERD, to see that I am clearly not one of them? ... The law of the jungle, I suppose, but unless you're a handsome woman, look away, look away!

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