Tuesday, March 8, 2016


It's hard for me to even imagine a radio station where My Castle of Quiet would even have context. Our show dangles on the fringes of WFMU's programming (when viewed as a whole) as it is. That I have a decades-long, life-history with the station is definitely the brush that paints the picture; fill-in DJ 1984; music director 1985; 2x weekly 12-3 a.m. shows for a while, eventually plateauing in a well-liked Free Form show called The Hip Bone, that sat comfortably in Friday-night prime time for some 7 years, ending in 1999 Feb.; writing for Beware of The Blog (yup, that's a link to all my posts) starting in 2005; My Castle of Quiet initiated in 2009 June... a show that not all my old-time listeners were 100% pleased with, though most/many have taken the ride with me and we've picked up a whole new generation of devotees along the way since.

I knew when I started that not everyone, even the generally pretty open minds of WFMU's listenership, would grok a show that combined horror-film themes and discussion with raucous live performance, black metal, ragged punk, and contemporary experimental noise-music. I honed the concept, stayed true to it, and over the years a great crowd has gathered, and I'm grateful both to YOU, for listening and appreciating, and to WFMU for providing me the forum to continually present this not-quite-like-anything-else program.

NOW COMES THE TIME WHEN WFMU ASKS YOU THE LISTENER FOR SOMETHING IN RETURN. The station at large is raising pledges for the next two weeks; you can donate to the station as a whole, or to My Castle of Quiet in the specific by going here and doing what's depicted in the image below; click the "☩" next to the drop-down menu to make sure that My Castle of Quiet is where your pledge is credited. We'll thank you live tonight.

The WFMU Marathon is always like a two-week-long, on-air party, and it feels that way in the physical space of WFMU as well. I'll be on the air at midnight ET tonight, for the first week of two My Castle of Quiet fun-raising shows, with my perfect foil, the slappy Yin to my sloppy Yang, Jonathan Herweg. I'll be on again next week; honored to share the air with co-host Pseu Braun, like myself, a WFMU 80s veteran, and one of the best co-hosts a WFMU DJ could hope for. Also, I'll be co-hosting this Thursday afternoon for Diane Kamikaze's great program, and next Thu./Fri. late night with the maestro Nick Name.

Thanks in advance for being a part of our Free-Form party; we'll have great prize giveaways, as well as a copy of this year's Castle premium, Anthems (more information on that in this post) for every pledge over $75. Even if you can't afford to give right now, we have many plans and options of ways to donate that are guaranteed not to tear out your pocket. JOIN US!

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