Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I Tokyo drift to zombie theme 

I want to thank everyone, the pledgers on the phone and online, the playlist commenters, Castleheads all—and the friends and colleagues who helped out and hung out in the phone room—it was a blast of a night of a time. The WFMU marathon overall should be FUN, and we commiserate over pledges and prizes as a part of that necessary process. Very special thanks to Listener Adam, Pseu, Alex, Sue P. and Ms. Fox.

THANKS FOR YOUR PLEDGES, EVERYONE! You can still pledge to WFMU through Sunday's finale, and I'll be back this Thursday night co-hosting for the great Nick Name program, once again entreating you all to donate via my peculiar charms and frank talk. Nick's music is choice, and I'm looking forward to it. YOU CAN STILL PLEDGE TO MY CASTLE OF QUIET, TOO. Here's how: a) Make sure you've chosen My Castle of Quiet from the drop down menu at the main pledge page, as well as b) CLICKED THE PLUS SIGN to the right of the menu, and BAM! your pledge goes right into The Castle's tin cup. We shake it, thank you on the air (next week), and a plege of $75 dollars or more will still earn you a copy of my premium CDr compilation Anthems, featured prominently in last night's show. PLEDGE GRAPHIC BELOW >>>

Musical highlights included, but were not limited to:  Pink Mass (who will be our live guests on April 6) | Norma Tanega | Obscure Evil (new on Caligari) | Smersh (featuring Pseu!) | Nudity | Moros (awesome Philadelphia band, well worth your time, listen below) ...more form Moros and many others next week; looking very much forward to Castle business-as-usual, with massive muck and a lot less talk. ...and tune in to our closing soirée Sunday night, I'll sing you a song.

Stream this week's fun-raising horrorcast™ by clicking up top, on the game-screen list of dubious options.

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