Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Es escary, like my momma says

Marathon show nummer eins went swell, lots of fun and generous pledgers, many of whom walked away with one of the hi-gloss items from our prize list, which was basically all gloss.

Want to thank listener SiHV, who made a mouse-size pledge which was not credited to My Castle of Quiet, but intended to be so. Within the larger scheme, it all goes to WFMU so it's all good, though of course at MCoQ we're not the hit parade, so every bit of support is something we want to know about and would like to take credit for. Just know, if you're a listener who's frustrated because your pledge was not credited to your favorite WFMU program, that things are not only going much better with this new-software rollout than they could be, but it's being worked on, and in the meantime, the most useful takeaway is PLEASE CLICK ON THE PLUS SIGN, to the right of the drop-down menu at this page (you can also click the "Pledge Now!" in the widget at our current playlist page to get there.) This will assure that you are in next week's first prize drawing, will be thanked on air, and all pledges over $75 will automatically get you a copy of our Anthems premium CDr. [See all 2016 DJ Premiums]

Or, simply call us next Tuesday night / Weds. a.m. @ 1-800-989-9368 and join the fun(d) in real time.

With not the usual amount of time for music, every selection had to be a hit (and/or related to our premium and prizes), so among all the colorful chatter, there's still a music show there. Tracks by Leash | Throaat | Uniform | Haare (Heavy Meditation on SoundCloud) | Magas | Circuit des Yeux were particularly dazzling.

Special thanks to my co-host Jonathan Herweg, who made the 3 hours flow like freestyles around a trash-can fire, and listener/friend Rachel Fox, who brought her contagious positive energy & eye-patched cuteness. I'll be back on WFMU tomorrow, co-hosting for Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine.

Click on the pic up top, from Cemetery Man, to stream last night's full horrorcast™.

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