Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My milkshake-uh! Brings-uh! All the boys to the yard-uh!

Last night was the great horror / metal / punk / noise mixtape I'm always trying to make, occasionally stumbling into the light of perfect realization. I'm not modest ok, but nonetheless pretty sure I'm a humble and fair judge of my own performance.

So this ^^^ the crafty and disturbing capture from last night's playlist, pretty much representing the few worthwhile seconds of Hate Crime (notice it's shown in mirror reflection, suggesting that the horribleness is simply too much to view head-on) turned some heads and sparked reaction & discussion. I can't really recommend the movie, unless you like cartoonish, overstated Nazi home invaders pointlessly terrorizing a Jewish family and then leaving. I guess Hate Crime does have a certain dull starkness, a deeply flawed, ham-fisted American Guinea Pig I: Devil's Experiment (and that's a very generous comparison.)

Thanks again to everyone who pledged to WFMU and/or My Castle of Quiet during our two weeks of fundraising, and to the volunteers and hosts and co-hosts. It's the comparatively laborious broadcasts of the marathon that make it continually possible for me to come in and do a program like the one I did last night, a truest-of-the-true black-hearted horrorcast™ in the intended sense of the show. It's that two weeks of intensive contact with my radio colleagues and listener-fan-friends that is heavily factored in inspiring me forward to do the most sanguine programming possible for y'all.

Listener / commenter nods went to:  Moros | Black Cilice | vintage Fall | Sovereign | new! Sentenced For Life ...

Personal highs included all the aforementioned, as well as...well, everything. I can't pick favorites this week, because they're all favorites. You can download the full show as a podcast for a limited time through WFMU's app for Android and iOS, or stream by clicking above on this week's grisly little moment, where you can also view a detailed playlist, listener comments and bits of album cover art.

Back next week, and in two weeks with live music from Pink Mass.

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