Wednesday, March 30, 2016

better than death by snu snu?

Soundtracks, noise music, and dark-ambient dirges have always been an important part of the My Castle of Quiet tapestry. Too often uncelebrated, perhaps; I get so excited about the constant flood of great new metal and punk that my noise / ambient records end up coming home with me, the brides unkissed.

Not so with last night, we opened with noise-water-cooler favorites Whitehouse (deservedly so) and that set the tone for further explorations with Kakerlak, Sempiternels, Wilt, Mick Travis, Crowhurst et al., and the piece by France's Terrine was also a standout.

RIGHTEOUS UGLINESS LATER...with the great Cadaver Eyes | Moros | Bretwaldas of Heathen Doom | Vlk | Zmora | Bán Sidhe Dogs | Raw Poison | NEW Total Abuse | a great song by Death Index...lots more.

...and no, this program was not a commercial for bandcamp; the cut they take from the seller is outrageous (20%?) and I think $7—$8 is a lot to ask for a digital "album," especially a short one...that said, it just happens to be where a lot of great musicians can easily congregate and easily share their work.

Back next week with outrageously great, live grind from Pink Mass

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