Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Too busy listening to last night's horrorcast™  to really pontificate about it (click above, on the freshly wrapped Mom from Ich Seh, Ich Seh (aka Goodnight Mommy) for streaming audio, the playlist & read listener comments.) Perhaps it's enough to say that much like de Marnac in Horror Rises From The Tomb, a head needs a body. I can be a guy playing records every week, and that's a gas-gas-gas, but last night's evening with Pink Mass and friends was like being held aloft on a BIG, PINK, GAY, FAINTING COUCH OF METAL. Would I ever tire of such bacchanal? I think not!

Pink Mass have made one of the sweetest grind platters of recent years—SLVT KVLT—pure careen, a non-stop necromantic fuck party, and they were our honored and vaulted guests last night. They sure brought the tribute as well, with a fantastic live set, one that some listeners did not even realize was live, most thoughtfully engineered by Castle maestro JP Gautreaux.

Our opening set served us well as a slippery slide into the pink, with songs from Kraut | OFF! | Total Abuse | Chaos UK | Raw Poison | Human Bastard | Teatro Satanico and others ... and the wrap around (reach around?) following our hang outs & metalfag chats with the band included great wallops from Gorduw | Moros | Cadaver Eyes | Spectral Voice | Toxicology | Vlk, concluding with an expansive, ear-close flood of blood-black pitch from M.B.

Thanks for listening, and for joining in on the comment / message / massage board. Salut and thanks again to the boys in Pink Mass, their set was full suited, and fully filmed by our own DJ Stashu; leather straps, fringe and tassles hung in all sorts of places... and if anyone @ WFMU is wondering why our fourth floor still smells faintly like a pile of jock straps, THAT'S WHY!


  1. where can we view said video footage?

    1. Footage must all be uploaded, reviewed, edited etc. Not to fear, ample notice will be posted here & at other MCoQ Web engines!