Wednesday, April 27, 2016

ye crotch tubes

I like a full, lively group of commenters; always a party. Reminds me of when the guy says, "Big strong line!" in "The Madison" [an overtly instructional dance number, which many of you will think of as a Hairspray reference, haha] ... sometimes the chatter is about what's playing, sometimes tangential, I don't mind (too much); only matters that we gather around The Castle's large, stone table and commiserate.

Last night was our horrorcast™ returning from Noise Bliss-Out territory, all doomed up & pit-friendly ...

Listeners remarked upon:  Twin Stumps | Graves at Sea | Guilt | Massdod | Funeral Art | Isegrim | Morricone / Spasmo OST | Hatchers ...also personally pleased to present selections by: Cadaver Eyes | Rodger Stella | The Repos | Absolute Power | Total Abuse | Nurse | Human Dissention | Vlk | Hunok

Our capture this week (in all the vigorous chat last night, no one asked) comes from a recent film called Ava's Possession's, a horror-comedy that most definitely has its charms, perhaps even more so with repeat viewings. Click up top to listen & eyeball the playlist.

Until next time, people just like to say "Spasmo" ...

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