Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I like this godawful racket a lot.

When it comes to noise specials, I find I'd rather just listen to them than comment/reflect on them as such. Lots of heavy hitters on last night's playlist (link above; image from The Poughkeepsie Tapes), as well as many friends and creative forces whose work I simply didn't get to in the allotted 3 hrs. We favored long-form, expansive, horizontal freak-outs over short ditties, though we also spent some time with 80s soundtrack music (which informs industrial/noise) and more beat-based, noise-inspired electronics via Religion Recs.

If nothing else, My Castle of Quiet's Noise Bliss-Out #4 made for a colorful and striking array of album cover artwork (see below.) One regret: I had really wanted to finish off the night with Rodger Stella's The Electric Zodiac II, but there's always another show for that. ...

One thing I didn't get to talk about on the air was to heartily recommend the somewhat underrated film Estranged; a gruesome and twisty black-hearted drama, not everyone's cup of tea, but it surprised and/or shocked me at almost every turn, never doing what I expected and going way darker than the typical neo-horror fare. Not really a horror film at all, Estranged is instead grisly drama.

Thanks for listening last night and joining in on our horrorcast™ comments board; the streaming audio is available at the page linked up top, and you can download the podcast (for a limited time) through the WFMU app for iOS and Android.

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