Thursday, April 4, 2013


With my head down in behind-the-scenes label business, and WFMU's 2013 marathon (thanks again!), it's been a while since I waxed enthusiastic about the Prison Tatt label here on these pages.

Now we have two releases well worth touting, and the usual flood of P-Tatt "hometown pride" accompanies each.

Long in the planning, originally conceived as a CD, then moved to LP and held back for a while, for no real reason other than the sheer busy-ness of Mr. Pendu and myself, the Chaos*Majik LP, Telestic Madness : Majikal Musick, is now at hand. I grew up spending my time with records like this one, full-tilt long form electronic albums, like Klaus Schulze's Picture Music; these records shaped my consciousness, daring as they were, with pieces often taking up one full side of the LP. TM : MM is such a record; by a very glance at the vinyl, one can tell that you're in for a ride, and the full A side, "ErotoGnosis," does not disappointment in terms of cosmic-consciousness travel-guiding. ...Interesting thing, Todd Pendu does it all without synthesizers; narry a keyboard in sight, and his gear has mostly always fit inside a suitcase. Of course on this record we have the equally weighty contributions of Jesse Gelaznik, who also co-designed the Pendu Tarot with Todd, and three of those deck images appear on the album's front cover. Musically, Jesse brings some "chunk": some structure, melody and bottom end. We hope you'll enjoy this one as much as we do at the label. Kudos to Todd, who has been working this project at least since the mid-2000s, on the occasion of his first C*M vinyl release; we're honored to have helped make that happen.

Another outstanding vinyl debut, from Kentucky's doom / sludge / noise-rockers Wretched Worst. Originally slated for release on a different label, we were thrilled at PT when this project fell into our laps. After several years, great shows around the country, to which a cache of YouTube amateur clips can attest, and a bevy of CDrs, cassetttes, and singles (most notably the Sisters Piss tapes, and last year's 7" on Husk, Funeral Burning), Wretched Worst check in with their first, full vinyl LP, and it's everything fans of the band will have been hoping for. Worse Than Jail is an amalgam of their shorter, punch-out-over-before-you-know-what-hit-you numbers, and their longer, haunting, basement-torture-chamber-music semi-improvs. This one will be flying out of HQ, though we do hope to do some US-based wholesale and overseas trades/wholesale as well, but I won't know for sure about that until a week or two has passed. Please be patient, as retail orders are being filled first on both these titles. 100 copies pressed.

For track samples, longer descriptions/write-ups, and to purchase, please visit our site:

Also, our distro is swelling up with great releases for sale; many new additions!

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