Friday, April 19, 2013

I rather have a root canal w/o anasthetic than listen to this shit for another sec.

Have at it, bro—that's gonna hurt! ... Yeah, noise is "not music," heard that one before. I'm reminded of the time I played Folke Rabe's "What??", a full LP side, back in the early 90s when I still doing a freeform show, and some douche called and said that I should take the record off and throw it in the station dumpster. (Folke Rabe - highly respected Swedish composer, been at it since the 60s, just sayin'; maybe there's something you don't know) ...and in fact it was prophecy on my part to title this week's horrorcast™"Nobody Knows Anything." That was aimed squarely at all you know-it-alls out there, the information addicts, the pedants, and everyone who is SO SURE the path they're on is the right one (this was all conceived before the broadcast, just so that's clear. ...) People get so ANGRY; I don't get angry when I hear chipper, old-time, "bygone-era" music for the 10,000th time on FMU (as the banjos and mandolins go chunka-chunka-chunka, and some guy sings about his "gal" through a toilet-paper tube), or an over-hyped, over-praised, post-post-post pop/rock combo like Times New Viking inexplicably making a big impact, or making "Wavvves," hahaha—I simply tune in later when something I enjoy is playing. Opinions! I could go on all day about the music that irks me, but why bother? I think it's a maturing notion to accept that there IS room for everything; especially on a mixed platter like WFMU, a sheer oasis of radio that would should all just be grateful for.

My ears have always craved new frontiers; it's a lifelong condition for me to seek out new complexities and challenges to stimulate my aural organs. I AM NOT A SALESMAN; not in that sense, anyway. You either like it, or you don't. Of course, we never want anyone to tune away, but there's enough of an audience for what I do, that one crank every few months does not trouble me. WFMU is about diversity, about sounds you cannot get anywhere else on the radio, so for a solitary listener to complain about a selection or two ... it's your thing, bro; with the advent of digital music delivery especially, it's all about choice—yours, and mine, and OURS. Plenty of supporters, as my weekly playlists evidence. Jeez, and I opened the show with The Doors! ... Enjoy the drillin'.

New selections from Cadaver In Drag, Akitsa (new split LP w/ Ash Pool!), The Black Scorpio Underground, Haare, Embarker (great new tape on Heat Retention), Clew of Theseus, and many others, excited the shit out of me.

Playlist comments noted:

Crossover (from the Rmx's LP; "something that actually resembles music") | M.B. | Haare Haare Haare! ...

I also wanted to share some YouTubes with you, as lame as that sort of is, I've taken the plunge because there is just so much good shit out there, that can't be easily or readily heard any other way.

Here are some finds from
Clew of Theseus

Hive Mind (record store set, Los Angeles)



Hellvete (Glen Steekiste—which reminds me, our friend Tracy Widdess, designer / knitter / wonderful-Canadian artist of Brutal Knitting, creator of my demon mask, and contributor of a great many music selections, in addition to nursing my iPhone pictures of bands that play live on the show, will be providing visuals for a Gonzalez & Steenkiste gig (Gonzalez of Bear Bones, Lay Low), as well as having her designs worn by the band, or is it SAII wearing the knitties? Dead jealous of her art-filled trip to Belgium!)

Sick Seed

Clinic of Torture

Rainbow Bunchie (10 Hours) - instant joy!

KILT duo live @ the Prison Tatt showcase #2, 9.21.12

from my son: HEAVYQUEST, a Team Fortress 2-oriented variation on the Adrien Brody meme

...also from my son, Pokémon R/B/Y - Pokémon Tower (Extended)

...And I'll leave you with this professional, live-performance video from Yellow Eyes; this is something like the intensity of seeing them live.

Click on the hooded tribunal up top to reach the playlist and audio archives for last night's My Castle of Quiet show. Thanks for listening.


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