Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Soundtrack to a horror movie if I've ever heard one...

Indeed, Greg; I always thought of ..."Eugene" as quite perfectly cinematic, and well inside the horror atmosphere, too (though it was in fact prominently used in Zabriskie Point; not the horror-genre film we necessary had in mind, but the Floyd's post-Syd pre-Darkside material is almost all exceptionally film-ready.

Just getting around to listening to this horrorkaste™, after a longish week-plus of (almost) solo parenting and a special out-of-town guest; radio-show review was not being part of that plan, though it's a great readymade world of thougtful semi-slumber now to queue up on the WFMU iPhone app., and kind of flop into. Everything so far does seem informed by that lead-in of the lengthy, live, "Careful With That Axe Eugene," its powerful tendrils ultimately reaching down into the night's subsequent selections. ... In my personal / home listening, there's been a natural / seasonal move toward more expansive, "psych" sounds, and this has been in turn reflected in some of my radio selections, this most-recent program framed in two massive psych chunks—the aforementioned "Eugene," and later on, an epic saga from the basement bunker of German Oak.

Playlist comments also favored:

Gothic Hut | Lord Time | Anwech | Overhang Party (new complete-studio boxed set)

As Hans Platzgumer (H.P. Zinker) once sang, "sometimes I just don't feel like talking," which for me bleeds over into typing, and any sort of filial, self-generated-obligatory Web communique (like for example this here show review / weekly look back), and can easily get doffed for a good bout of hiding beneath the covers, from the decided and known threat of reality. BOO! The show itself is done fundamentally for me, and I aim to please myself mostly, and the artists (and I think that would go for many a WFMU DJ as well as many a creative artist in general—you do for yourself, and OF YOURSELF, and you hope that there will be many on the receiving end who appreciate what you do, and with joy and / or gratitude come along for the ride.) That right there is your basic disclaimer for "wow, I was late with this, this week." I get to the MCoQ archives when I'm able, and sometimes a few days' separation greatly enhances the appreciation for me...for example, as I'm typing, right now, this Vardan sounds right juicy.

Anyway, it's time to stop typing. Great special programming coming up on The Castle:

One Master LIVE - 4.26
Bludded Head LIVE - 5.10
Pat Murano and Tom Carter - date tba late May

Click upon the image of perhaps one of the finest movie posters of all time (functionally laid out, enthusiastic; generally drawn with great care) to reach the archives and playlist for last week's My Castle of Quiet show.

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