Friday, April 26, 2013

If they actually hung someone on "Wheel of Fortune" it would attract a whole new audience. ... The condemned now has a head.... bring lotion! (and duct tape) ... HOT DAMNED!

I'm a burnout, and it's a GUILLOTINE, not a GALLOWS, depicted above and on our playlist last night, but we still had a semi-fun game of hangman, didn't we? One Master—super-cool guys; way into exploitation film, and we jawed about Euro-sexsploitation and a good many other things. That could have easily been the show, just us talking about Cannibal Ferox (which is showing somewhere in Williamsburg this weekend, btw) and other sleazy delights. One Master's set? Hard as old nails and steady as a tuned engine; loud and strong—what a great band! That's not to say that they don't also have plenty of atmosphere, a blackened world of sound, there for the listener to lose themselves in. Black metal in general has always struck me as music that can be all about the  subjective/introspective feeling that's created by the best of its artists, all about the contextualization of sound as mood—while still being hard as hell—and One Master exemplify that perfectly. Catch them tonight at The Acheron in Brooklyn. Hopefully, the band are happy enough with the end results of last night's live session that a short-run cassette release of it comes to light.

Last night was your basic "black-out"—something that usually doesn't happen unless Seed Stock are in the house, but I was simply so thrilled to have One Master there, and I laid the focus of the rest of the program/selections on that, so pretty much everything we heard could be loosely (or very firmly) described as black metal, unless you're going to split genre hairs on me, and please don't. Though I opened with Stray Executioner/Hive Mind, and closed with Sombre Presage, they were the hearty, dark-ambient bread that encased the overall proceedings. ...

In addition to the praise for One Master—really the stars of the night—you remarked upon:

Aerugo (unreleased track!) | new Wulkanaz on Seed Stock | Folteraar | Cadaver In Drag | Hierarchical Punishment (solid grind from Brazil) | Oppression (great debut cass., Silence!; that's pronounced "see-lonce" for you natives) | Nazarene Whore ($6.66 at Hells Headbangers!)

My Castle of Quiet is back next week...and back in two with live guests Bludded Head (on tour from TX)—sure to be monumental!

Click on the dawn above; a day that will bring the end of a condemned man or woman, to reach the streaming-audio archives and playlist for last night's horrorcast™.

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