Friday, April 12, 2013

Pent up Korean Rage ... Pent-up Japanese menses ... I swear this show is going to force me into liking metal.

Kelly Jones (one of my favorite WFMU people, more of a behind-the-scenes person, though she used to co-host a talk program), said of my show once, and I'm paraphrasing, that I made her like music she didn't know or think she would like. In other words, I contextualized my music choices in such a way as to make the most unpredictable things palatable, even desirable. (By airing "Burn Down The Mission" during a fill-in show in the early 2000s, I had inspired her to seek out Elton John's Tumbleweed Connection, of all things.)

Thanks, Kel. This is all I have ever tried to do with the My Castle of Quiet program, since returning to the WFMU airwaves in 2009. The combination of my then 10-year love affair with black metal, grind, etc., and a striking revolution/redefinition in the 2000s of industrial-experimental music (or "noise" as it is now commonly known), inspired me to create a show with the more extreme sounds I was enjoying, showcased in a singular forum.

Not unlike Oldboy, at the far end of a long hall of opposition, both real and imagined, I punched my way through the membrane and did the show I felt I needed to do, in the great hopes that it would find its audience, as it has. As discussed a bit on last night's playlist, the Internet helped, by redefining what "mainstream" was, or rather to make that mainstream nonexistent, by sheer virtue of the range and scope of musical genres now available to all at a click. ...I knew that somehow horror films (and the classical appreciation thereof), new noise, soundtracks, and extreme metal, all housed under one banner, would make for potent, fresh radio. So here we are.


Comments of appreciation last night for-

Necronomicon | HSFK | Agathocles | Kr Grauwacke | Borgne | Vardan | Akerbeltz | Unjoy | Terry Riley's "Aleph"

Not much more to say at this juncture except WE GO ON.

Live music specials coming up on MCoQ-

One Master - LIVE 4/26 (official site)
Bludded Head - LIVE 5/10 (live set on
Tom Carter and Pat Murano - LIVE 5/24 (free album, NATCH 4, on the Free Music Archive)

Back next week with music from Z.B.T., Control Resistance, Key of Shame, Astro/Fear Konstruktor, and a host of other gems edged out by our 3-hour limit this week, plus whatever floats across the moat in the interim. Luv ya.

Click on Oldboy to reach this week's horrorcast™archives and playlist.

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