Friday, March 29, 2013

Drunk on the train. North to the woods.

Where Satan keeps his lair. Only Satan gets "some." It's all ritual, and not to be intimately enjoyed. So watch that.
Man, the new Shaved Women 7" is great. "Pressures"—great song! all good. The Zyanose LP, too. More and more and more, the world of high quality music on vinyl is expanding again, and has been building over the last decade. WFMU's new vinyl bin has become the joy of discovery for me that it was in the earliest days of my initial tenure at the station, but it feels like a richer time even, more like the 60s or 70s, some vinyl era I only caught the tail end of.

Dial Tone through 70% of Superjoint's "The Alcoholic" - hilarious, though it would have been good to hear the song, too. And why did that not bother the shit out of me? I must have had the monitors down, sorry Phil. That's what happens when you double up two feeds on one broadcast-board channel; y'see, I never use the phones, used to, when I was young, and wanted trade jabs with the random venturers on our phones. You can hear at the start of the new Darkthrone song where I finally figure it out. You can hear my brain clicking like the snapping of a thousand nun's coochies! Still, the first set has big leaden balls, you must give me that, despite multiple engineering errors. I was just too excited, and the songs too good and too short, and WFMU sorely needs a copy of The Plasmatics' first album

Anyway, before I fall foetus-like into my own navel and die, let's talk more about music.

So much great, new black metal I'm overwhelmed, From the USA, from Europe. Especially liked the Mortum track, and the selection from the Turmellus cassette (that was a happy purchase!) ... In my own, personal / home listening, my ears have moved towards the more strikingly original, "progressive" side of underground metal (though I still cherish the crusty stuff, always will~), and this naturally is reflected in a move toward darker, non-metal selections in My Castle of Quiet the radio show, from the world of experimental / improv / rock, call it what you will, reflected in tracks by artists like Pat Murano and Tom Carter (great free LP, Natch 4, on WFMU's Free Music Archive!), Overhang Party (staggeringly good four-disc studio retrospective out now on Important), and Pelt.

Shaved Women | Medusa | Volksmorg (!!!) also check out the label, Terror, which recently released a great Haare cassette, Forward to Insanity (played some here), in addition to the gems we heard last night | Pelt (great, new 2LP on Mie)

So, I wear my black cape as I type, though it's flecked with moderate hope; hope of a future time less dreary, less lonely, more active, more in tune with the Cosmos.

The Castle continues. Click on our scene of demon-ravaging, from Zulawski's On The Silver Globe, to reach the playlist, audio archives and comments for last night's horrorcast™.

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