Friday, March 1, 2013

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It may seem incongruous, my asking for a smile, a goofy-ass emoticon smile no less, but, as evidenced by last night's comments board, some folks just want to keep their dukes up, even when you're essentially agreeing with them. When I play black metal artists from the Middle East, especially those countries with essentially theocratic governments, remind me NOT to point to it, as either a badge of honor or dedication, single it out for compliments etc., as I did with this post on Halla back in 2009, because some people will just sit there and tell me that I'm a victim of a well-heeled, worldwide propaganda machine no mater what I type. ...a great many Middle Eastern underground bands have graced our airwaves on My Castle of Quiet, from Iran, Iraq, Israel etc., and that's what it's about, the music, and I never ever seem to know enough, or cachet my global political knowledge well enough, to please some perpetually on the defensive and looking to dissect my comments for a reason to take offense.

The sole assumption I make, is that in a climate where anti-religious, and therefore anti-state, music is made, one takes an even greater risk to express oneself. Am I dead wrong? Is it open season to craft anti-Islam, Anti-Christian, anti-religion music ever, anywhere? Especially in a country like Iran, under their current, essentially theocratic government? If so, please draft that memo globally, because a lot of people (myself included) didn't get it. Some folks just will not take a compliment, no good deed goes unpunished, etc. etc. Sometimes it seems like the only solution is to bind my hands and sew my lips shut—my mouth fully salted to prevent return as a night-walker. Haha!

Enough—I've given THAT discourse enough time already.

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