Monday, February 25, 2013


It's been an exceptionally cold, brutalizing winter, both physically and emotionally. People are offing themselves by jumping in front of NYC subway cars—what is this, Japan? At least they do it with some nobility there; go to a pleasant corner of the forest, you know the rest....

The good news is, by way of the My Castle of Quiet radio show, we've gotten through (one assumes), because harsh sounds can indeed be a positive channel for our darkest emotions. I'm especially proud of the last few months of MCoQ broadcasting, with my thumb firmly on the scale of black metal, as well as some killer live performances by Ides and Arvo Zylo.

Starting a week from today, the full-on, balls-out 2013 WFMU marathon begins; our annual two weeks of good times and hardcore fundraising. The 'thon has always been very enjoyable for me personally, far from the tedium of many a public-broadcasting fundraiser, as we at WFMU tend to have a time with it—our on-air talent grouped in entertaining pairs, with banter, prizes and swag galore.
And this year, My Castle of Quiet brings you, among other great drawings on "Castle-apropos" items, a doozy of a premium—My Metal Singles, drawn from my personal collection of now-hard-to-find metal 7" records, acquired for the most part between 1999-2002, before I was a Dad, had a good-paying job, and eBay was a relatively new thing, and I was ripe 'n' ready with "disposable capital."No slow songs, no metal ballads, not even a stray doom track, but instead a ready onslaught of death, black and grind singles, carefully chosen from my smelly vinyl archives.  

My Metal Singles compiles 7" tracks from Nifelheim, Azaghal, Lucifer (Sweden; from The Dark Christ single, 1992), Nunslaughter, Purgatory (Germany; from the 1997 split with Seirim), Impiety (Singapore!; from Salve the Goat, their third release, a 1993 EP), Hellspawn (from Brazil; their one-and-only 1993 EP), Kalibas (Rochester, NY; from their first EP, 2000), Isegrim (Beherit cover!), Abhorer (also from Singapore, the A-side of their Upheaval of Blasphemy EP), "TV Addict" by Öpstand (for some hxcx variety, and so I could get at least one umlaut up in there), and France's Total Genocide (the most-recent tracks on the collection; from their 2006 split with Szron, rec. in 2002.)  

For a pledge of $75 or more, My Castle of Quiet companion #4 can be yours, attractively packaged in a folding sleeve, with some still shots of sleaze auteur Michael Findlay (see above; from his classic The Curse of Her Flesh)—one of the many dark, passionate, woebegone heroes of our program.

And you needn't wait until March 8 to pledge, either, as your pre-marathon pledge will register automatically in the opening minutes of The Castle's week #1 show, and you'll be thanked on air. It's as easy as clicking on the white pledge widget above, or visiting this link, NOW. ...hehe

Thanks as always for listening and supporting this radio program of unique, acquired-taste stripe; we may not number in the great many, but our numbers are always growing (we are legion), and there are new converts every time I check in. We're the proud, the isolationists (in some cases), the sick and the twisted—a hand reaching out from the gloom to bum a cigarette...ahh, you get it.

Once again, the WFMU 2013 Marathon begins March 4 @ 9 a.m., with Liz Berg's show.
Join us.

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