Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wm., you work wonders with your three hour blocks each week! Always on point.

Ah, the basement, the man-cave. Welcoming and solitary, with the heat up high.

Many thanks for the generous accolades, folks—kind words from grateful ears, such that would warm the room, even if the thermostat were set to off. When I doubt myself, I need only look as far as your comments; beatific words from deep listeners, hanging in the aether, assessing and appreciating each weekly assemblage, crafted by yours truly with obsessive/compulsive care...a masala of spontaneity laid over a solidly sane outline; a skeleton that's mapped sometime during the past week in one of my lucid, or comparatively lucid, moments. THANKS! You'll never know how much it truly means, to this fucked-up, ego-decimated wraith of a man that I am. The boomerang of attentive appreciation for my efforts resonates profoundly. And though it may sometimes seem gauche, even "tacky," this is why I often extract a remark of praise, for the headline of this, the audio-archive post-show post; "tooting my horn" through your commentary, and when in doubt I always return to the "if I don't, who will?" logic, which seems sound enough.

Props to J. Slusher for this week's show title, "Dark Times," a phrase he used in a personal email that well summed up my winter, maybe yours, maybe that of many others. He went on, "...shits not the end of the world." Important to remember, and it's entirely too often that I lose sight of the cyclic nature of, well, nature, human and otherwise.

You liked: Charles Manson | Popol Vuh / Nosfersatu / Kinski | Darkthrone / Transilvainian Hunger | Ether | Enslaved (on tour now!!) | Fire in the Head (I really had one!) |  Gnarled Forest / BSBC | Creeping | Alleypisser

It's been a weird couple of weeks (months?) I've been in self-imposed digital exile, and am still kinda there; writing a lot of "please bear with me" emails. I often think I have a hibernation gene in my makeup (as may we all?), as my energy for doing anything this time of year is so terribly low. But people keep writing, calling, trying to make me DO STUFF; I guess it's good, and I'm grateful someone cares. Just excuse me if I use every free moment to sleep, as it's what my spirit draws me towards ... the grateful void.

Click on the beautiful Celia Rodriguez above, from The Blood Drinkers, to reach the audio archive, playlist, etc. for last week's horrorcast.


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