Friday, January 25, 2013

The devil's in the disc spins!

You'd think that after last night's "blod fest" I'd be spinning some wicked Actuary jams in my head or something, but no—it's George Harrison's reggae-to-pop remake of "Got My Mind Set On You"; and that just goes to show that our minds tell us what's on the subconscious hit parade for the day. And this one's for, well, you know who you are. And with that fancy-ass motorik fireplace-lounge, I'm sure the ol' Dark Horse had a "whole lotta spendin' money" to part with.

"Patience and time," todukeit, todukeit, todukeit, todukeit, todukeit, todukeit RIGHT CHILD.

And with what felt like bone-brittling sub-zeros outside, my motivation was uh, not at its highest, but I know enough to know that winding my Aston Martin up that wildly s-curved, treacherous hill to The Castle, and tickling the iron tumblers with that big iron key that opens those sliding stone doors NEVER fails to satisfy, on all fronts, and after blowing the dust off of the many vitriolas in house I was ready to roll.

Type O Negative—yes! Some appreciation for the classics. What else? That great Open Grave CD I'm finally catching up with; so much so that we heard two tracks off the monster; the mysterious Saat cassette, The Quantum Consciousness (no Encyclopedia Metallum or Discogs entry, really? Now that's some fuckin' mystery!); Mastery (whoo!) from the while-back doppelzimmer-CD on tUMULt, nothing short of...; Sovereign, that rum-swilling Brazilian, the kleiner-pitchfork toting black-metal-mensch-of-all-mensches; Nuclear Hellfrost, also on the alcoholic tip (name-your-price d/l at that link); and the due to form on that today new LP by Lightning Bolt, for damn sure, Oblivion Hunter!

If the My Castle of Quiet programme weren't so much damn FUN for me personally, I wouldn't be doing it, so there you have it; sometimes the darkest of sounds make for the most-pleasant of bedfellows. I heard the call, and it said "NeatNeatNeat!"

Not much to add at this juncture, except to say that the weekly parade of captures from V/H/S is by design, not out of laziness, simply because I find the film, and its barrage of shaky-cam imagery so damned compelling, and even Netflix had the sense to put it in the "Visually-Striking" row.

...And also to add that I'm pumped up for The Castle's return to live music programming in two weeks, with a visit from Chicago's-own Delirious Insomniac, Mister Fuckhead himself, Arvo Zylo, whose set promises to push the boundaries and rattle the double glass on WFMU's fourth floor (bobby pins, and ... dog kennels?)

Thanks as always for tuning in, and for your enthused and (occasionally) illuminating commentary. Click on Wendy "I GOT YOU!," to reach the audio archives, playlist, and listener comments for last night's horrorcast™.

Also up this week, on WFMU's Beware of The Blog, after a longer-than-usual delay on my part, our late-October 2012 live sessions with both Chicago's mightier-than-John-Henry Sun Splitter, and hometown boys-made-blackened-good Yellow Eyes; check out these very enjoyable performances for stream or download to have and hold.

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