Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm listening to MCoQ live? Must be unemployed again... YES, getting LOUDER and more BONE CHILLING!!!! ahhhhhh

Just got finished watching Hesher—a tearjerker for sure, but a damn fine one. Great performances by J.G. Levitt and Piper Laurie (Carrie's Mom), all to a nut-ripping thrash soundtrack. The film left me with positive feelings of acceptance and surrender.

So, Arvo Zylo ruled the day on this past week's horrorcast™, with two sets of brilliant, hypnotic experimental music, plus a radio set from a new CD, for a thoroughly rounded, three-punch beatdown, which altogether matched T.O.M.B.'s May 2010 performance for sheer terror points, with a bone-chill that perfectly accompanied the weather outside. Thanks Arvo, for playing, and also for being a damn-fine houseguest at Castle HQ, and helping me shovel out the walk, twice.

Last week's MCoQ program had all the elements of our occasional greatness, with a live performer that treated their visit like a one-of-a-kind radio event, folded into our usual selection of arresting metal, throw-it-in-the-corner-and-see-what-stinks-first noise selections, and fluffy interludes culled from horror filmdom. Thanks especially to those who made it a very-lively, real-time comments board.

Much gratitude for the circle of appreciation; you also liked—

Blut der Nacht (more sounds in addition to the 7" we heard from; free download at that link!) | Mortum (their new EP will grace Castle airwaves in the weeks to come) | Forbidden Citadel of Spirits | Satanhartalt | Insalubre | Highgate

Special thanks to Adam in Lynnwood and Portland for calling the show a "workhorse."

Arvo's sets coming soon to a WFMU Web portal near you.

Click on George Segal, from The Terminal Man, to reach the audio archive, playlist and comments board for last week's My Castle of Quiet show.

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