Thursday, February 7, 2013


Once again, true experimentation rears its hypothesized head on My Castle of Quiet radio.

Arvo Zylo, aka Mister Fuckhead, aka Saint Street, Delirious Insomniac etc. has an idea, one we (engineer Juan and myself) are going to try to help him execute: a feedback loop that somehow incorporates our air (or possibly our program) signal; two different things, as the former is on a long, 20-sec. approx. delay, and may not be what the artist counted on. Either way, it will be a sonic event more than worth tuning in for, and for me personally, I like when experimental music is truly experimental, i.e., when the outcome of a sonic hypothesis is wholly or partly UNKNOWN, (wooo-wooo~), and it's the idea that takes center stage.

Arvo catches up with us on tour, with a show at the new Silent Barn Friday night, 2/8.

Host of the Delirious Insomniac radio show, and sound artist collaborator / extraordinaire, Arvo brings his outstanding craft to MCoQ. Having performed and recorded under so many names, and collaborated with dozens of his fine contemporaries, Arvo never, ever does the same thing twice, and stands out as a musician and music enthusiast who really listens, and weaves that deep listening into every work.

His 333 cassette and CDr stands as a monumental work, alongside the best output of the LAFMS and Ralph Records crowd, while Arvo is just as likely to bring "pure" 80s-with-a-contemporary-bent noise to the table. His new collaborative CD with Death Factory stands out as a current favorite, representing yet another exciting stylistic leap for both artists. Arvo Zylo has been a huge supporter and friend to the My Castle of Quiet show, and its host personally, and we're battening down the hatches for what should be a huge night for radio show and performer alike.

Frankly, we at Castle HQ could not be more excited.

I remove the bandages, and check the, uh, "damage" at midnight.
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