Friday, February 15, 2013


Ah yes, David Lynch's Rabbits, that long-eared Greek Chorus, first employed in a series of shorts, then a 45-min. short film, eventually finding their home in his staggering epic Inland Empire, complete with the intentionally ill-suited placement of a laugh track at haunting intervals. (And laugh tracks in general, aggghh, I can't believe that some sitcoms still employ them, in the wake of clever TV sitcoms like The Office, it would seem that they ought to have been put out to television pasture by now, no? To press that trigger, telling us all when to laugh, what the hell was that ever about?)

I love the Rabbits, their disarming normalcy, and their Morton Feldman-like chunks of eerie silence. And in line with the nature of Lynch's Rabbits, as listener blee noted, "[a]mazingly terrifying show tonight." Wholly unplanned. The My Castle of Quiet radio show is always assembled with a combination of advance notes, prepared throughout the preceding week by your host, and the blistering spontaneity of having an array of reliably horrorific sounds at hand. And last night, the black metal just flowed, flowed until it was 2:15 a.m., and I knew not what I had really done, and I would suspect many WFMU music programmers would agree—it just happens; we rely on our filters, and the mood of the moment, to dictate the proceedings.

So black metal it was, mostly, two and one-quarter hours' worth. By the time things were tapering off, I was a bit scared, and my nerves needed a rest; but that's how it is with most "extreme" metal. You ride that mood 'cause it feels good, and until you can't take it anymore. Hahaha....

Playlist-comment faves were: Nordland | Smiling World | Nuit Noire | Flourishing | Haare (terrific new tape, Forward to Insanity) | Hobo Sunn | an overflow of continued accolades for last week's very special live musical guest, Arvo Zylo -deservedly so! | ...and a somewhat context-free appreciation for the undeniably great-in-their-day Meat Puppets, in particular their classic Meat Puppets II, the record I first heard by them, and most days, still my favorite.

So yes, follow The Rabbits, wherever they may go. And though they seem not likely to leave that flat they're in, they will take you to the accuplaylist, audio archive and comments board for last night's horrorcast™. Thanks for listening.

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