Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nothing like some good old sheep face

A very serious thanks to all those who gave generously this week, and last. You listeners make The Castle what it is, for without an appreciate audience, it's just aetheric transmission that may or may not achieve its target. The contribution that the show is able to make to the WFMU coffers at least proves that there's a receptive and devoted crowd for this dice-roll of a show, that dares to dwell well outside the parameters of convention, even WFMU convention as it were. Over the years, I've put tremendous work into keeping the show fresh, singular and truly alternative, and a great many of you have responded positively, and for that I'm eternally grateful.

My every transmission here feels like an epitaph as I write, but perhaps that's the price I pay for lingering longer on the darker side(s) of human emotion. Fuck yeah, I take this very seriously—I wouldn't bother to do it otherwise. Those who don't get it mostly stay away, and those who do get it, get it in the largest of ways, so I've achieved some sort of artistic goal it would seem. Bottom line—thanks a freaking TON for your very generous donations!

With the gracious assistance of co-host Diane Kamikaze, we even managed to achieve some sort of Castle norm this week, premiering some new material amidst the pitching and swag-giving.


Cornflakes 808 | Tom Carter and Pat Murano | USGA (link to the SickSickSick distro, where many recorded wonders abound!) | Bludded Head (coming to our show LIVE in May) ... these, and our tales of chaotic Butthole Surfers shows past, and "sliders." ...

Back to business-as-usual at My Castle of Quiet next week (thank you, SWEET SATAN!), with a veritable TON of new and newly discovered releases to share.

This week's playlist was adorned with a still from the closing shot of the Web-only movie, The Slender Man, a classy little horror film made with care, and the benefit of Kickstarter donations; view the film in full HERE. Click on "Slendy" to reach this week's horrorcast™ archive.

T   H   A   N   K   S   !!!

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